History Essays on the Russian Revolution

The Russian Revolution occurred in Russia during a period known there as the reign of terror. The Revolution was seen as an outcry for change and an end to a reign that brought about hardships and pain to the people of Russia. The Revolution took place in 1917 and unfolded as a series of revolts the months of October and February. History essays on the Russian Revolution discuss the background of the Revolution, its causes, the series of revolutions, and its impact on the Russian people.

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History essays on the Russian Revolution should begin by briefly describing the conditions in Russia before the Revolution. In particular, the events of 1905, which were a major factor leading to the 1917 Revolution, should be described. The problems associated with period before the Revolution, such as the deprivation of a major trade route to Turkey, the economic crisis, disruption of agriculture, and heavy losses due to inflation, should be discussed in history essays on the Russian Revolution as well. The purpose of the Revolution, which was to push change to better the economic structure and society, should also be explained in history essays on the Russian Revolution. Other specific details about the Revolution such as the February and October revolutions should also be discussed in history essays on the Russian Revolution as well as the significance to the Revolution of Nicholas II and the Tsars also Vladimir Lenin and the Bolsheviks. Lastly, history essays on the Russian Revolution should discuss the impact the series of revolutions had on Russia, noting both the positive and negative consequences.

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