How Best To Feed Strawberries To Your Bunnies

It is not strange to ask the question - can bunnies eat strawberry? And the answer is yes! But in a moderate quantity. Taking care of your bunnies to the best of your ability is a great concern if you have one. These fur babies are cute and deserve all the care and attention they get.

You can feed strawberries to your bunnies, but once or twice a week and in small quantity. Some of the benefits of strawberries to your bunnies include bone development, dental health, good growth, strength and muscle building.

Since you have clarity on the question, can bunnies eat strawberry, the next question would be how to feed your bunny with these berries. Should you feed the whole strawberry to your rabbit? Should you feed your bunnies strawberries every day? What size is suitable for a small or big rabbit?

Serving your bunnies a bowl of fresh, red and juicy strawberries can be tempting, but don’t do it! While strawberries have great taste and bunnies sure love them, they can be harmful to them when taken in excess quantity. As much as strawberries offer great health benefits to your bunnies, its drawbacks should not be overlooked.

The adequate quantity of strawberries for your bunnies

While we are sure that strawberries are non-toxic to bunnies when served in moderation, people also tend to ask the question – can bunnies eat strawberry in large quantities?

The simple truth is that the quantity of strawberries you serve to your bunnies depends on its size. For instance, it is not recommended to serve strawberries to baby bunnies, alfalfa is the best for their young and developmental stage. For small bunnies however, you can serve a strawberry in slices for them per week, while big bunnies can eat up to three in a week without any fear.

When it comes to serving per time, you should only give your bunnies about two tablespoons of strawberry slices. This is one medium-sized strawberry or half of a big one.

Fruits like strawberries have high sugar content and should not be served to your lovely bunnies’ every day. Also, you should introduce different fruits at varying times and not serve your bunnies strawberries all the time.

Ideally, your bunny’s food should be more of grass, leafy vegetables and hay. Fruits like strawberries should come as a treat and once in a while. Also look out for the side effects of strawberries in bunnies such as stomach upset, diarhhea, tooth decay and sometimes obesity.

Final Words

Can bunnies eat strawberry? From the article, you’ll clearly see that they are good for them. But feed them with it occasionally, once or twice a week and serve them fresh strawberries not frozen or canned ones.

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