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How can I avoid scratching the floor with the foot bolts of realistic sex dolls?

Standing is an independent function of realistic sex dolls, and it usually needs to be pre-installed when purchasing. Because the material of love doll, especially TPE, is very soft, it needs artificial skeleton to support it, but the palms and soles of the limbs are generally not supported by special artificial bones. Therefore, if the doll is required to stand, it must undergo independent special treatment.

Of course, getting the doll to stand is easier than you might think. It only needs to be done by adding bolts to the sole of the foot. In most cases, there are 2 bolts on the left and right sides of the bottom of the toe and the midpoint of the arch, and 1 bolt on each side of the heel, for a total of 3 bolts.

Most people who hear about standing for the first time think it's a fantastic technique, but there are real-life limitations to standing. One is that the standing pegs on the robot sex doll may damage the floor; the other is the realism, fixing the doll's feet with the pegs will destroy the beauty of the doll's feet.

In real life, many people worry that the doll's foot bolts will damage the floor of the room, depending on the material of the floor, if it is cement or rigid tiles, it usually does not crush. However, if it is a wooden floor or flexible tile, it will dent very easily and the surface will peel off easily.

So, how do you avoid the bolts from scratching the floor?

Shoes or Socks for Flat Chested Sex Dolls
Flat chested sex doll that include standing features often scratch the floor, so manufacturers who know this will offer freebies including shoes before the product ships. But usually for manufacturers and distributors, when the weight price and overall cost of postage are high, there is no guarantee that they will be given away.

You don't have to buy expensive shoes or socks, just make a targeted choice. It is best to choose flat shoes for shoes. If you are worried that the feet will poke the shoes, you can buy a pair of thick insoles. Cotton-soled slippers are a good choice. Choose high-heeled shoes carefully, because the balance of the physical doll is difficult to find, and it is difficult to maintain the posture wearing high-heeled shoes.

In addition, a pair of towel bottom socks or silicone socks are also good choices. However, the presence of bolts can cause trouble when putting on and take off socks, it may tear the socks, and if you don't take it off slowly, the doll's toenails may also fall off, so this method is not necessarily practical.

Prevent Black Sex Dolls from Standing Directly on The Floor
When storing black sex dolls independently, it is more troublesome to move back and forth to put the doll in the box, so most doll friends will stand or even place the doll against the wall.

Real dolls with standing features vary widely in design, quality, and durability of bolts, depending on the craftsmanship and technology of different manufacturers. However, it is obviously unbearable to support a doll weighing 20-40 kg with only two legs. Like ordinary tables and chairs, at this time, you can choose a yoga mat or blanket to spread under the doll's feet, so that the bolts at the bottom of the feet will not touch the floor.

In addition, choosing the special hook and bracket for ZELEX Doll is the best choice for vertical placement. After all, it is not recommended to let the doll stand for a long time, which will easily cause tearing or extrusion deformation of some hidden parts.

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