How can Professional Plumber Help Eliminate that Nasty Smell in the Kitchen?

Your house loses much of its "vibe" when running water is unavailable. All rooms in the house require some form of water usage. From cleaning dishes and making dinner to cleaning up and taking a bath, you need water for everything. And it becomes annoying when an overlooked blockage leads to a full-blown issue.  Not only can blockage restrict the supply of water, it can also fill your home with a nasty odor. 

While you can experience that nasty smell anywhere in the house, kitchens are more prone to developing the issue. The kitchen is often the hub of a family's daily activities. There are pictures of the kids on the fridge, and they are sitting on bar stools, while the meatloaf finishes cooking in the oven. But, if unpleasant scents waft up from the kitchen drain, your kitchen would no longer be a welcoming space. 

Why Do You Need a Plumber to Eliminate that Nasty Smell in the Kitchen? 

Having to fix a stinky sink drain is a problem that almost every homeowner may encounter at some point. It usually happens when you ignore the issue when it first begins. Thankfully, you can still work with professional plumbers and eliminate the issue. 

The best thing about hiring a Plumber is that they use their experience to identify what causes the smell in the first place. Kitchen sink drains are different from those in other rooms because they break down organic materials like food scraps. 

Eventually all of the food scraps after a meal land in the garbage disposal or the drain. Odor-causing bacteria thrive when particles of this residual organic matter get caught in the garbage disposal. If you let it sit for too long without cleaning it up, your entire kitchen will have a foul odor. 

Experienced plumbers know it well and that is why they tackle the source of the problem right away. They know it could be due to a partially clogged drain if your kitchens sink drains but does it slowly. Sometimes, you can deal with a partial clog all by yourself, but not always. You should call a plumber if you have a stubborn clog that no amount of plunging seems to remove, or if multiple drains in your home are clogged at once.  

Moreover, nasty smells in the home after a long vacation are likely caused by water evaporation in the p-trap of the sink. If your kitchen sink has a p-trap, the water level in that section of the pipe should never drop below the sink. If it happens, you may develop issues and only an experienced plumber can resolve them effectively.


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