How Do You Know About Anti-Virus Software

Many people have anti-virus software installed on their computers. They trust their anti-virus software and rely on these intelligent and powerful tools to protect their system security. However, how do you know about anti-virus software? Is this virus removal tool always mighty in protecting your computer? See what you will get here.

Anti-virus Software, or Safe-defend Software, is a kind of program tool being able to get rid of all the program codes, such as virus and Trojans, etc., which are harmful to a computer.

In recent years, many terms such as Internet Security Suite, Overall Security Suite appear one after another, are also a kind of software used to clean computer viruses, Trojans and malicious software. Anti-virus tool usually integrates utilities including monitoring and identifying, virus scan and removal, as well as automatic update, etc., while some other anti-virus software also has utility on data restoring.

1. It is impossible for anti-virus program to remove all the viruses.

2. The anti-virus software is not always able to remove any virus it has found.

3. On a computer, for each operating system, there should not be two or more anti-virus program installed at the same time.(Exception is for anti-virus program that are compatible or produced by the same developer.)

4. At present, there are several ways that anti-virus program may use to deal with the infected file:

1) Clean up. The software does not delete the infected file, but tries to clean up the virus codes from the infected file. Therefore, this way is also called Repair.
2) Remove. The software removes the infected file detected completely.
3) Rename. The software renames the infected file, so that the virus program won't be able to execute as it can't find a corresponding file.
4) Ignore. The software can not clean up the infected file with different methods, or users choose not to deal with the file.)

To sum up, users should be clear that the anti-virus tool is always lagging behind the computer viruses. Therefore, along with updating the version of anti-virus software at real time and scanning your computer regularly, users should learn more about the computer security and network security. And, do not open an unknown file or an unsafe website; do not visit the unhealthy website; remember to update your own private password if necessary, etc. Only in this way can your computer and network security be protected and guaranteed.

Specifically for the rapid growing of all kinds of viruses, Trojans or spyware, etc., there are many anti-virus/anti-spyware software in the security market. Kaspersky, AVG are some of them which lead ahead, while there are also some new growing star, such as Spyware Cease, which has impressed many computer users by its profound security utilities and dedicated after-sales service.

[] It is very essential to take a regular care and a good protection to your computer, in order to maintain an advanced PC performance and secure your internet surfing activities. Therefore, you are recommended to know more Computer Knowledge and use a reliable security tool to protect your computer from spyware threats.

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