How Health Sharing Ministries Handle Medical Bills


One of the distinctive features of Health Sharing Ministries is their approach to managing medical bills. Unlike traditional health insurance, where claims are processed through insurance companies, Health Sharing Ministries take a unique approach to handling medical expenses within their community of members. In this article, we will explore how Health Sharing Ministries manage and process medical bills. What is a health sharing ministry?

1. Member Contributions

Health Sharing Ministries operate on a system of member contributions. Members make regular financial contributions, often referred to as "monthly shares," into a collective fund. These contributions form the basis for covering medical expenses within the community.

2. Sharing Guidelines

Each Health Sharing Ministry establishes specific guidelines that determine which medical expenses are eligible for sharing. These guidelines often outline eligible treatments, procedures, and medical conditions. Expenses that fall outside these guidelines may not be shared among members.

3. Medical Expense Incurrence

When a member incurs a medical expense that falls within the sharing guidelines, they submit the details of the expense to the Health Sharing Ministry. This typically involves providing documentation, such as bills, invoices, and medical records, to support the claim.

4. Review and Verification

Health Sharing Ministries have processes in place to review and verify the submitted medical expenses. This verification ensures that the expense meets the sharing guidelines and is eligible for sharing within the community.

5. Shared Responsibility

Once the medical expense is verified and approved for sharing, the responsibility for covering the cost is shared among the community of members. This sharing process involves distributing the financial burden of the expense across the membership.

6. Allocation of Shares

The Health Sharing Ministry allocates shares to individual members to cover their portion of the approved medical expense. The allocation may be based on factors such as the member's chosen program or contribution level.

7. Member Contributions at Work

The funds used to cover approved medical expenses come from the collective contributions of members. This community-based approach allows members to support one another in times of medical need, reflecting the principle of "bearing one another's burdens."

8. Timely Reimbursement

Health Sharing Ministries typically aim to reimburse members promptly once the sharing process is complete and the expense has been covered. Timely reimbursement is crucial for members who rely on the community's support to manage their healthcare costs.

9. Financial Transparency

Reputable Health Sharing Ministries prioritize financial transparency. They provide members with clear information on how their contributions are used and how medical expenses are shared within the community. This transparency builds trust and accountability among members.

10. Shared Commitment to Health

The unique approach of Health Sharing Ministries encourages members to take an active role in their health and healthcare decisions. By sharing in the responsibility for medical expenses, members are motivated to make informed choices and pursue wellness.


Health Sharing Ministries offer a distinctive way of handling medical bills, rooted in the principles of shared responsibility, financial transparency, and community support. This approach provides an alternative to traditional health insurance and appeals to individuals and families seeking a healthcare model that aligns with their values and beliefs. Understanding how Health Sharing Ministries manage medical expenses is crucial for members and those considering membership in these faith-based healthcare communities.

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