How Netflix changed the way you watch TV

The history of Netflix is the story of a company that has never been satisfied with the results achieved but has always invested in the future. To date, Netflix is the largest Internet TV in the world. Over 125 million hours of television shows, movies, original series, feature films, and documentaries are watched daily. 


The origins of Netflix

Netflix was originally conceived as a service for renting DVDs, VHS and video games by mail. It was sufficient to connect to the website, select the film from those available and wait for the product to arrive by mail. However, this first formula proved somewhat unsuccessful. 



For this reason, Hastings decided to think of a different formula: to offer an unlimited monthly subscription. Users could select three titles in total, receive them by mail, return them and receive more, as long as three at a time. It was precisely this new formula that allowed the Netflix project to enjoy a rapid rise.

The DVD market was destined to decline, supplanted by digital technologies' increasingly widespread and massive development. The very name "Netflix" testifies to a tight and tenacious desire to move the use of the content on the network and take advantage of the many advantages and benefits that the Web can offer. Now you can watch Best Series On Hotstar Imdb .

Online vs offline: the Netflix-Blockbuster case

Neftlix boasts almost seventy million subscribers. Blockbuster, for its part, filed for bankruptcy in 2013. The era of the physical rental of video cassettes and DVDs could only end. And it is significant that one of the major expressions of video rental felt the blow. 



Best Netflix Miniseries save time. Netflix did nothing but capitalize on the general intuition and acted accordingly: streaming downloads and TV on demand was keywords within reach of the palates of millions and millions of people.

Netflix's business model

Their team, from many other entrepreneurs and companies, is able to take into account market dynamics and how the world was progressing and in which direction. Aware that more and more consumers demanded access to services on mobile phones, tablets and devices connected to the network, Hastings and partners worked hard to create a platform that could meet everyone's needs and desires most effectively and innovatively possible. 


How does the platform work?

Subscribers can watch whatever they want anytime, anywhere and on a wide range of compatible devices, as long as they have a screen and an internet connection. The programs can be watched, interrupted, resumed, and speeded up at will without advertising interruptions or economic charges. The monthly subscription is enough.



Investing in content is key.

The TV series released almost weekly are characterized by an attention to detail that borders on excellence. One of the greatest merits of the company headed by Hastings was that it understood how much having quality content, in the end, is necessary to evolve one's business. Netflix intends to use 2 billion of its budget to produce original content. This is a massive and impressive investment. If you want to see a thriller, choose Best Zombie Movies On Netflix easily.

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