How Rollz Ice Cream is Taking the Greater Toronto Ice Cream Scene by Storm!

The Greater Toronto Area is home to a thriving food scene, and one of the most exciting trends in recent years has been the rise of rolled ice cream. One of the most popular rolled ice cream shops in the GTA is Rollz Ice Cream, which has been making waves with its delicious and unique flavors. In this blog, we’ll take a closer look at how Rollz is taking the Greater Toronto ice cream scene by storm.

What is Rolled Ice Cream and How Did It Become Popular?

Rolled ice cream, also known as Thai-style ice cream, is a relatively new concept in North America, but it has been popular in Southeast Asia for years. The ice cream is made by pouring a liquid canada ice cream base onto a cold metal plate, mixing in other ingredients like fruit, chocolate, or cookies, and then scraping and rolling the mixture into thin, delicate curls. The result is a beautiful and delicious treat that is perfect for Instagram and TikTok.

Toronto Rolled Ice Cream


Rollz Ice Cream: The Growth and Popularity in the GTA

Rollz Ice Cream has quickly become one of the most popular rolled ice cream shops in the GTA, thanks to its delicious and unique flavors and its commitment to quality ingredients. The shop has several locations throughout the GTA, including in Brampton, Mississauga, and Scarborough. Rollz has been so successful that it has even expanded outside of the GTA, with locations in Ottawa, Winnipeg, and Calgary.

Recommended Rollz Ice Cream Treats

If you’re looking to try delicious treats from Rollz Ice Cream for yourself, here are three must-try flavors.

Celebration Cake Rolled Ice Cream

The Celebration Cake Rolled Ice Cream is the perfect treat for any celebration or regular day. It features a cake base that is mixed with other ingredients and then rolled and topped with fun yellow sprinkles. It’s a fun and delicious way to celebrate any occasion.

Ferrero Nutella Ice Cream Burger

If you’re a fan of Nutella and Ferrero Rocher chocolates, you absolutely must try the Ferrero Nutella ice cream burger at Rollz. This flavor features chocolate ice cream topped with drizzles of milk and white chocolate sauce, Nutella spread, and a generous sprinkling of nuts. It’s a decadent and indulgent treat that is perfect for chocolate lovers.


The Original Cheesecake by The Cheesecake Factory

Finally, if you’re looking for a classic flavor, you can’t go wrong with The Original cheesecake flavor. This flavor features a slightly sweet and tangy cheesecake filling paired with a standard Graham cracker crust. It’s a simple but delicious flavor that is perfect for anyone who loves classic desserts.

Looking to try some delicious sweet treats? Look no further and drop by Rollz Ice Cream. We offer a variety of tasty sweet treats that are sure to leave you wanting more! What are you waiting for? Visit us today!

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