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Find, order, and learn about weed - Weed Delivery

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The hybrid strain is a top quality marijuana pressure that has been designed with balance in mind. A Hybrid can be either Indica or sativa leading with their impacts to match. In today day, hybrid weed is bred with other Crossbreeds for a variation of a number of treatment alternatives.



How Pure Keto UK does functions?

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There are various ways of arriving at the condition of ketosis which require exorbitant exertion and difficult work. Nonetheless, protected and sound keto supplements are viewed as the most solid arrangement of all. BHB is like ketone bodies which are delivered normally in the human body which is the reason it acts much the same way. Unadulterated Pure Keto Burn Pills contains BHB as salt like magnesium, calcium, and sodium which expands its retention rate in the body. It empowers a quicker…


Maltitol Market Major Trends, Leading Players, Supply Chain Analysis, Technological Innovations & Key Developments 2020-2027

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Maltitol market is expected to grow at a rate of 5.70% in the forecast period 2020 to 2027. Increasing growth of food and beverages industry act as a factor for the maltitol market in the forecast period of 2020- 2027.

Increasing occurrences of diabetes, heart disorders, and high sugar problem lead to the demand of sugar free product, maintenance of obesity level, growth of pharmaceutical industry, rapid urbanization and growing number of population will likely to enhance the growth…


How SOPs and Business Automation tools can help Businesses to Increase their Revenue

The new-age technologies and unique business models have undoubtedly influenced consumer behaviour and created new, unique platforms for businesses to grow. Cutting-edge innovations have eased business operations and provided convenience to the customers. However, surviving your business in this competitive world is not that easy. It requires efficiency and proper strategic decisions along with proper use of technology and software to make your business flourish. Therefore, a balance between the use of technology to automate your business and old-school methods of SOPs for efficient operations is essential for a profitable business.

What is business process automation (BPA)?

Business Process Automation is a unique way of using technology and software, reducing the need for manual inputs for several tasks. It has been extensively used by many businesses to reduce operational costs and increase productivity. After all, every business makes sure to use all of its resources efficiently. Workflow automation enables sustainability in your business by cutting costs and providing high profits.

What are Standard Operating Procedures?

Standard Operating Procedures are detailed step-to-step instructions that are documented for the officials and the employees within to make sure that services and products are delivered consistently every time. It streamlines the workflow as well as ensures a smooth flow of communication within the organisation. SOP`s may vary according to the specific needs of different businesses.

Benefits of business automation and SOPs:

1. Improve Productivity and Reduce Cost Operations

In every organisation, some recurring tasks are predictable, and if automated properly, it can considerably reduce the extra burden of employees so that they could focus on revenue-related targets. As per a McKinsey report, about 60% of occupations could save 30% of their time with automation. For instance, all businesses have several regular tasks such as bills to pay monthly, generate weekly reports, and data storage where different types of data demand different types of strategies. With automation, all these tasks can be completed before time without any manual efforts and hence increase the productivity of the business as well as reducing the operating cost. Almost all paperwork that requires no logical thinking can be fully automated easily. Automation and SOPs can help small and medium businesses to work efficiently as a condensed team but with high productivity.

2. Efficient Business Process and Minimum Errors

With SOPs and automation in place, there is no room for errors. Automation takes care of all your redundant operations, and SOPs make sure the employees work efficiently where logic is required as per predefined operational standards. BPA and SOPs make sure that all activities are streamlined with improved quality and communication and greater visibility within the business operations.

3. A more Standardised Business Model

A manual process involving many employees can be quite messy if not managed properly. SOPs are already there for the standardisation of the operations within the business. Automation also brings consistency to the business workflow as automated steps coordinate to give a standard outcome to the business. Along with standardisation, the business automation also maintains an audit, and one can easily track the records and the documents involved, providing accuracy to the business.

4. A seamless Customer Experience

With advancements in technology, customer service has also transformed. Providing amazing customer experience as well as support is crucial for any business to be successful in the long run. Giving importance to customer reviews and working on their problems is necessary, especially in the retail segment. Rightful implementation of SOPs for CRM and using Artificial Intelligence in business such as chatbots for customer engagement provides operational consistency and quick assistance in customer support. Automation can help save time in all the processes involved in customer service. Customer retention and acquisition are primary steps to escalate your sales, and that is made easy with the help of automation and SOPs.

According to experts, as of 2021, many businesses are handling their 85% of customer service with the help of business automation. It is no overstatement to say that soon there will be virtual assistance fully equipped with AI which will handle the customer grievances completely.

5. Boost Employees Morale

Every industry whether IT, healthcare or fashion, or anything works upon the principle to generate more profits, and to do so sometimes the employees are made to work hard for longer durations. This can be seen as a serious issue for employees. According to a survey report by Smartsheet, 69 per cent of employees agree that automation will reduce their wastage of time during work hours and will have an extra six hours per week if recurrent tasks which require no logical approach are automated.

Why Choose YRC

Wondering how can business be automated? With the next-level competition in the business marketplace, it is high time you consult a professional expert such as YRC. Your Retail Coach is a reputable business consultancy firm fully committed to addressing your doubts as well as help regarding Business Process Automation and SOPs. Not just limited to this, we provide professional services related to every aspect of your business, be it online or offline. As one of the best retail consultancies in UAE, we have years of experience as a consultancy firm and helped evolve many brands worldwide as leaders of their industry. So, contact YRC today itself and get your business benefitted by our consultancy.

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