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Betriebsausfallversicherung und Inventarversicherung verstehen

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Verluste sind ein unvermeidlicher Teil des Lebens, sei es im persönlichen Besitz oder im Geschäftsvermögen. Wenn unerwartete Ereignisse wie Diebstahl, Feuer oder Naturkatastrophen eintreten, können sie verheerende Auswirkungen auf Ihre Finanzen und Ihren Betrieb haben. Hier kommen die Betriebsausfallversicherung und die Inventarversicherung ins Spiel und bieten den entscheidenden Schutz vor solchen unvorhergesehenen Ereignissen.…


How to Accurately Measure Your Height At Home?

Be it an infant or teenager, measuring height accurately is necessary for growth and other health issues. Measuring height is not only important in medical check-ups but also helps in selecting the right fit.  

Similarly, understanding the procedure for height measures instruments is important. To help you, here are the tips on how you can accurately measure your height at home in different ways. 

Can I Measure Height Without Any Instrument?

Wondering if you can get an idea of how tall you are without any help? Well, yes you don't need an instrument for this. Without relying on anyone you can easily measure your height by following these steps:

  1. Firstly, find a straight and flat object such as a book or a ruler. 
  2. Next, stand with your back straight against a wall and place your feet flat. Remember not to raise up and also remove shoes if wearing.  
  3. Now place the object on top of your head. 
  4. Now with the help of a pencil, mark the wall where the object is touching is the wall at the top of your head. 
  5. Now measure from the floor to the spot where you've marketed with the pencil. 

Different Ways to Measure Height Using Instruments

Here are different ways of measuring height accurately at home using different height-measuring instruments:

  • Measure Using a Stadiometer

One of the most commonly used methods for measuring height is using a stadiometer. It is a metallic sliding device attached to a horizontal piece and provides accurate measurement. To measure height you can follow these steps:

  1. Firstly, stand against the wall with your back. Keep your feet flat and remove shoes and socks. 
  2. Now pull the slider down to the top of your head and hold it. 
  3. If someone is there to help you can easily let them hold the slider and come out from beneath. 
  4. However, if you're alone, then hold the slider with your left hand and come out from the right side. 
  5. In both ways, you can take your readings. 
  • Measure Using a Tape

Another way to measure your height is using tape. Use a flexible tape that has metric and imperial units marked on it. A well-mounted height measuring tape would be a good choice. Besides, here are the steps to follow for measuring height:

  1. Firstly, stand straight and upright without bending or raising your feet. 
  2. Next, keep your chin tucked and look straight without moving your head here and there. 
  3. Also if wearing any cap or headband, remove it. Remember your hair should also be left loose. 
  4. Now use a book and keep it on the top of your head. 
  5. Hold it and slide out from the side. You can also mark the spot where the book is with the help of a pencil. 
  6. Now with the help of a tape, measure from the ground to the mark for the reading. 
  • Measure Using a Mechanical Measuring Rod

For height measures, another instrument is a mechanical rod. It is suitable for both young ones and adults. It is adjustable and is mainly used in clinical settings. The best part is that you can choose from different collections such as wireless measuring stations, telescopic measuring rods, ultrasonic measuring stations with voice guidance, etc. 

How to Measure Baby Height at Home Accurately?

When it comes to measuring the height of a baby at home one must be careful and more precise. A good choice here is using a baby measuring mat. It is accurate, lightweight and portable for babies and toddlers. Furthermore, to measure using a mat, here are the steps to follow:

  1. Firstly let your child feel comfortable during the process without forcing.  
  2. Now place your child on his/her back on the baby measuring mat. 
  3. Remove any bulky clothes if your child is wearing them. 
  4. Now make sure to approach the baby's head to touch the top board.  
  5. Next slide the end part and make sure it is touching the infant's heel. 
  6. Now you can read out the scale accurately. 

Monitor Your Growth and Development 

We at MedGuard are the leading supplier of medical products and equipment. We have a wide range of height measuring instruments that offer accurate readings and are easy to use. To meet every individual’s needs, we have all products to meet your needs. Our products are easy to use, simple to install and offer clear reading. 

Source Of This Article: Why Is It Crucial to Measure Your Child's Height Regularly?

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