How to choose a right model for the Planetary Gearbox

How to choose the right size for your planetary gearbox? We Top Gear transmission are the planetary gearbox factory in India, Canada, and the USA. We can give you the best solution for your choice. The precision planetary gear (backlash) selection:

Next, consider the backlash planetary gear head. The smaller the backlash, the higher the accuracy, the higher the cost. Users should choose to meet the accuracy requirements of the series reducer.

consideration of the planetary gear life problem:

Also, consider the lateral/radial forces and the average life expectancy. High reliability when installing and using gears with large lateral/radial force, easy to make mistakes. This software gives the manufacturer the actual calculation. The average lifespan generally far exceeds that of a servo motor with a lifespan.

Other considerations for purchasing planetary reducer:

If you meet the above parameters, you can create a catalog and choose the suitable installation size, shaft, and input flange for your motor reducer. Finally, consider the motor weight distribution as well. The reducer is only allowed with an auxiliary motor under a certain weight, and if the motor is too heavy and running for a long time, the gear head output flange will be damaged.

In the reducer family, planetary gears are small, high transmission efficiency, wide deceleration range, high precision, and widely used in servo, stepper, DC, and other transmission systems. It increases the load/motor inertia ratio assuming a precision transmission, which is mainly used to reduce torque and reduce speed.

Line Reducer performance measures several key technical parameters such as reduction ratio, average life, nominal output torque, backlash, full load efficiency, noise, lateral/radial force, and temperature.

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