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Fast and Reliable Garage Door Repairs from ATX Garage Door Repair

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Garage doors are an essential part of any property, as they offer security and convenience. However, they are prone to wear and tear, which can result in various issues. That's why it's crucial to have a reliable garage door repair service to ensure that your garage doors are always in optimal condition.

ATX Garage Door Repair is a reputable company that provides top-notch garage door repair services in Austin, Texas. The company has a team of experienced… Continue

How to create a website for a construction company.

Every self-respecting company eventually asks the question of creating a website, and the construction business is no exception. It would seem, why in this area would you need a website? It"s simple. With a resource, the company can tell about its features and benefits to connect with potential customers. In addition, all their words can be supported by photos of finished projects. And it is very important for users. They need to understand to who they are entrusting their money. And if we are talking about money, it would be nice to offer our customers the calculator function, where you can pre-calculate the cost of construction work. And to avoid missing anything, we will tell you what should be on the construction company"s website and how to design it properly.

Features of website creation for construction companies.

You have already realized that creating a website opens up new business opportunities. For yourself, it is worth immediately understanding that this way, you will not only enter the online space but also identify your competitors. In addition, you can influence your potential customers and show your audience that you are an expert in this business. Nowadays, people trust companies that have their web resources.

On your site, you can disclose information about the company, explain how prices are formed, and show photos of your work (portfolio). Thus you reduce the distance to the client, increasing the level of trust in his eyes.

It is important to remember and understand that construction is not a burden where the decision is made on emotions, quickly and rashly. Therefore, the site for such a company should be informative and useful. The main task is to bend the potential client in your direction.
What are the sites of construction companies?

To promote their services on the web, there are several types of sites:

- Landing.
- Site card.
Corporate website.

Tell us about each option in detail to help you decide on the choice.

Site business card.

This type of site is the easiest option in terms of launching. It is also the cheapest option. Many companies consider a business card site a temporary solution, while experts work on a complex, multi-level project. But this is if we are talking about big business. For the beginning of large companies, such a resource is enough, as the site is not so much to attract new customers, how much tells about the company"s existing audience.

As a rule, the site"s address is placed on brochures or banners.

Does not attract new customers.


This site type is similar to the previous version but designed to sell a particular service. The main purpose of the landing page - is to induce a potential client to take action (respond to the proposal). Therefore, place only the information that will push it to this action. But, there is a small "but." Without targeting, quickly selling your service will not work.

If the business card site is aimed at developing an image, it does not work in this case. Only attracting customers, or rather the sale of services.

Corporate website.

The best option for the construction business. Such a site will present the company in the best light, but only if everything is done correctly.

The user sees only a beautiful site with lots of functions and features. Behind the custom scenes, the version hides a complex system with integration.

The resource owner can automate sales, analyze CA data and keep statistics on the number of sales, etc.

The pluses of the corporate website can be attributed to the breadth of opportunities. But if we talk about the disadvantages, there are two.


Stages of website development for the construction company.
Determining the type of site, let"s proceed directly to the stages of development because here, too, there are nuances.


Business is a constant struggle. It would help if you were the first to offer interesting and unique services. The first stage of site development - is analytics. It is necessary to study your target audience and competitors. Note the strengths and weaknesses of the latter. Thus, you can create your unique project and bring it to market. Thanks to the analysis of the competitors" sites, you can strengthen their weaknesses, making them your trump card.


A prototype is needed to understand beforehand what the future resource will look like. Web developers create prototypes of all the pages, where the functionality is defined, and elements and tools are placed.

In addition, the prototype will allow us to estimate the cost of the future project, which is also important. The detailed requirements specification was created after the approval of, let"s say, a draft.

Remember that without a vision of the result, a good site will not work.

Design and development.

It is not easy to hire webflow expert who will be able to create a visual, place elements, and select the style. But now on the market, many companies have been doing it for several years and have more satisfied customers. One such company is Hallwil, and they are true professionals.

Remember, how attractive and user-friendly pages will be, depends on whether they will stay on the site. In addition, you must keep up with the times and offer beautiful and modern resources that will fully satisfy the customer"s needs.

Testing and launching.

As soon as the webmaster creates the site, testing is done. The resource is connected to the hosting and domain during the same period. If necessary, the developer trains employees of the firm on how to work with the site. When all these issues are resolved, run the place.

Cost of creating a website for a construction company: what affects the cost
The first thing of interest to owners of construction companies who have decided to create a website - is the cost of launching the project. To say exactly how much it will cost a functional site, it isn"t easy because its price is formed by:

- the number of specialists involved;
- the time spent on creating the resource;
- Purchase of articles, images, etc.;
- Payment of the domain and hosting.

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