How To Detox Your Body With Lemon Water?

Today I will tell you a straightforward and quick tip, "Lemon water" is how you can detox your body by drinking lemon water. Everyone must have drunk lemon water, and even today, many people drink it But a lot of sugar and salt are added to that lemon water. We are not drinking that lemon water. We will drink plain lemon water and will drink it first thing in the morning.

Why Should You Detox Your Body?

Let me tell you first why lemon water is essential to drink and why should you detox your body. In our daily life, a lot of toxin goes into our body through pollution, fried food, alcohol, smoke, dust, and makeup. So we get too much toxin every day. We have to detox it first thing in the morning. When you get up in the morning after brushing your teeth, take 1 cup or glass of water with half lemon. You can squeeze the lemon or make slices and add them. So you detox your body, and your body flushes the toxins.

First, your lemon must be organic. Many people grow lemons in their homes. They are natural (fresh), no spray on it. If you are buying it from the market, then you know whatever is available in India is non-organic because there is pesticide spray on the lemon. You know everything is under pesticide spray, which is not suitable for our bodies. Organic doesn't need any pesticide spray. So if you buy a lemon from the market, then firstly wash the lemon properly, but pesticide does not go away with a wash but do you that the top head of lemon which is attached to the plant it holds most of the pesticides. Firstly we have to remove the head of the lemon, always remove the head of vegetables, fruits, etc. because they contain most of the pesticides.

How To Detox The Body With Lemon Water?

Now you have two options to make lemon water
1. You can squeeze two spoons of lemon juice
2. Do slicing
If your lemon size is large, then use half of it, or if you have small size lemon, then use one. Make small slices of lemon put them into the water and leave it for 2 to 3 minutes so that the benefits of lemon "vitamin c and citrus acid" that your body needs are well mixed in water. You do not need to add anything else to it.

Health Benefits Of Lemon

You know lemon has vitamin c which is important; it boosts the immune system and detoxifies your body as well. It's important to have vitamin c in your diet. Lemon is the best food to get vitamin c. Also, people who have sore throat problems, cough problems, cold flue, can add natural raw honey to it. Honey should not contain preservatives. Honey has natural sugar, but you don't need it only for those who need it. First thing in the morning after brush drink it every day 6 or 7 days a week your body will detox. So this is a simple trick, and you can use it easily.

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