How To Embody The Self-Locking Function In The Worm Gear Reducer ?

1、 Worm gear reducer has a self-locking feature :

Worm gear reducer is a structure of transmission tools with a compact structure, huge transmission ratio, and self-locking function under effective conditions. It is one of the most regularly used reducers. Among them, the hole shaft worm equipment reducer now not solely has the above characteristics but additionally has handy set up and realistic structure, and is greater and extra extensively used. The hole shaft worm tools reducer is outfitted with a helical tools reducer at the enter quit of the worm tools reducer. The multi-stage reducer can achieve very low output velocity and has greater effectivity than the pure single-stage worm equipment reducer. Moreover, it has the blessings of low vibration, low noise, and low power consumption.

Worm Gear Reducer

2、 Rotation course regulation of worm equipment :

The rotation path of the worm and the worm equipment is comparable to that of the screw drive. The worm is equal to the screw and the worm equipment is equal to the nut. The distinction is that the nut can pass in a straight line, whilst the worm tools can solely rotate. This is a right-hand worm (right-hand rotation is greater normally used). If it rotates in the route of the hole arrow (clockwise when considered from the left quit of the worm axis) when the worm can't pass axially, the "nut" of the worm equipment can solely go to the left, that is, the worm tools need to rotate clockwise. Using the "right-hand rule" is additionally very simple. When the high precision worm gear is a right-hand thread, the bending path of the 4 fingers of the proper hand represents the rotation route of the worm, and the rotation route of the worm tools is contrary to that of the thumb. For the left-hand worm, use the "left-hand rule"

In worm drive, when the worm rotates, it will be subjected to increased axial force. The path of axial pressure is associated with the rotation route of the worm and thread. The route of axial pressure can additionally be judged by means of the "right-hand rule" or "left-hand rule". When judging, the path of the thumb in the route of the axial pressure on the worm. When distinguishing, the path of the thumb in the route of the axial pressure on the worm. In order to counteract the axial pressure of the worm and forestall the worm from transferring axially, thrust bearings or different axial guide constructions shall be installed.

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