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Enhancing Power Accessibility: The Versatility of Outlet Extenders

Posted by JuliaCao on November 29, 2023 at 10:48pm 0 Comments

In our ever-connected world, the demand for electrical outlets often exceeds the available supply. Whether it's due to the proliferation of electronic devices or the need for convenient charging solutions, the humble outlet extender has become an essential accessory in many homes and workplaces.

This article explores the features, benefits, and diverse applications of outlet extenders, shedding light on how these devices contribute to improved power accessibility and…


How to Enhance Your Child's Focus: The Crucial Role of Abacus Training

As a parent, you want your child to succeed in every walk of their life, and one crucial factor in achieving success is the ability to focus. Developing concentration skills is vital for children, as it helps them perform better in academics, sports, and other activities. In this article, you will understand how Abacus training can help in enhancing the focus of your children.


What is Abacus Math?

Abacus math is an ancient counting device that dates back to ancient China. It consists of a frame with beads or stones that slide along rods. By moving the beads on the rods, one can perform arithmetic calculations quickly and accurately. Abacus math is a great way to develop mathematical skills, improve concentration, and enhance mental agility.



What is Abacus Training?

Abacus training involves teaching children to use an Abacus to perform mathematical calculations. It is a structured program that helps children develop concentration, memory, visualization, and arithmetic skills. Abacus training is a fun and engaging way to improve a child's mathematical abilities and overall cognitive development to excel in their lives.


Benefits of Abacus Training

  1. Improves Concentration and Focus

Abacus training helps children improve their concentration and focus. It involves a lot of mental calculation, which requires attention. Children who undergo Abacus training develop the ability to concentrate for longer periods and are better equipped to tackle complex tasks.


  1. Enhances Cognitive Skills

Abacus training helps develop cognitive skills such as memory, visualization, and analytical thinking. Children learn to visualize the Abacus in their minds and perform calculations mentally. This improves their memory and analytical thinking abilities, which are important skills for academic and personal success.


  1. Improves Mathematical Abilities

Abacus training helps children develop strong mathematical abilities. It teaches them to perform arithmetic calculations quickly and accurately without relying on electronic devices. This builds their confidence and competence in mathematics, which is a crucial subject in academics.


  1. Boosts Self-Confidence

Abacus training helps boost children's self-confidence. As they learn to perform calculations quickly and accurately, they gain a sense of accomplishment and pride. This enhances their self-esteem and motivates them to tackle more challenging tasks.


How Online Abacus Classes can help

Mastermind offers online Abacus classes that provide a convenient and effective way to enhance your child's focus and cognitive skills. Online Abacus classes are conducted by experienced instructors who use interactive tools and techniques to engage children and make learning fun for them. Some of the advantages of online Abacus classes are:

  1. Flexibility

Online Abacus classes offer flexibility in terms of scheduling and location. Children can attend online classes from the comfort of their homes, and parents can choose a schedule that fits their child's routines.


  1. Interactive Learning

Online Abacus classes use interactive tools and techniques to make learning engaging and fun. Children learn through games, puzzles, and other interactive activities that make learning enjoyable for them.


  1. Experienced Instructors

Online Abacus classes are conducted by experienced instructors who have years of experience in Abacus training. They use proven teaching methods and techniques to help children develop strong cognitive skills and improve their focus.



Mastermind provides a convenient and effective Abacus learning program to students with a vision to boost their focus and cognitive skills. We also strive to ensure the academic and personal success of our students.

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