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How To Fix Bluetooth Headphones When Only One Side Works


How To Fix Bluetooth Headphones When Only One Side Works How To Fix Bluetooth Headphones When Only One Side Works? To repair wireless headphones or Bluetooth Earbud whose one aspect only paintings certainly begin with the aid of booting your headphones, if it doesn’t clear up the issue then resetting its Bluetooth and re-pairing it is your subsequent step. If that doesn’t work, it’s time to test your cell/PC settings to make certain the headphone settings are not set to mono or else the difficulty from the audio itself or a connectivity issues. To begin with a deeper answer, you need first to make certain whether or not the problem comes from the headphones or from the media device you’re connecting the headphones. How To Fix Bluetooth Headphones When Only One Side Works? As a way to do this attempt to disconnect the Bluetooth wireless headphone from this media device and connect it to another device and notice whether the issue is from the headphone aspect or the media aspect.

how to fix bluetooth headphones one side not working My wireless headphone nevertheless working on one aspect after connecting to some other tool How To Fix Bluetooth Headphones When Only One Side Works Advanced troubleshooting steps — the way to restore headphones with out a sound
Step 1: Checking whether it is a speaker issue.
Step 2: (If step 1 is genuine) Checking that the headphone socket port bodily functioning well.
Step 3: (If step 1 is false) Replacing the faulty speaker.
Step four: (If step 2 is actual) Replacing the faulty jack socket.
How To Fix Bluetooth Earbuds When Only One Side Works
My wireless headphone nevertheless operating on one aspect after connecting to another tool
If that is the case, then we need to troubleshoot the problem similarly to your wireless Bluetooth headphones, please pick your wireless headphone kind experiencing the difficulty with the aid of clicking either on the name or the image:

Wireless Headphones Styles  Earbuds Bluetooth Headphones Styles How To Fix Bluetooth Headphones When Only One Side Works Here are simple eight troubleshooting steps to repair any wi-fi headphones with handiest one side paintings difficulty:

Check the facet balance. Check Your Track Mono Or Stereo. Power off/to your headphone. Reconnect Bluetooth.
Insert the sound cable plug even as gambling audio.
Pull out again the sound cable while gambling audio.
Reset your wi-fi headphone.
how to keep wireless earbuds from falling out.
To break these troubleshooting steps down, willingly this could remedy the issue earlier than proceeding in addition into advanced answers:

Check the facet balance — (If you are using your headphone with a pc, test the audio speaker facets stability putting it is probably set to right or left most effective.)

Check Your Track Mono Or Stereo — Check whether or not the track you are gambling is mono (This also typically happens that a user doesn’t recognize a mono tune he is playing and assume there may be an problem with the headphone speaker. Mono tracks performs handiest one side in any speaker or headphone.)

Power off/on your headphone.

Reconnect Bluetooth — (Try now gambling an audio report and see whether the issue resolved and you could listen the sound on both facets, if no longer proceed to the following step.)

Insert the sound cable plug at the same time as playing audio (Will you pay attention both facets?)

Pull out again the sound cable whilst playing audio (Will you hear each sides?)

NOTE: You could also do placing and pulling the sound cable plug into the wireless headphone jack numerous times as this could solve the issue usually because of unclean jack that could cause the difficulty and through doing this kind of movement you may easy jack inner pins. Reset your wi-fi headphone (Some wireless headphones have an option to be absolutely reset, you can check your headphone model manual on a way to do that, does that solve the problem?)

NOTE: If you plug your aux cable jack in the wi-fi headphone socket and the sound works nice in each headphone audio system, but most effective one aspect speaker works via Bluetooth then you definately are lucky, Below is why. Basically what occurs is upon plugging in the aux cable jack, there are small mechanical triggers (like small metal balls with springs) in the headphone jack port so as to flip off the Bluetooth capability. How To Fix Bluetooth Headphones When Only One Side Works? If handiest one speaker side works when connecting via Bluetooth (wireless), because of this one of the small mechanical triggers within the jack port is stuck in a role of midway, this will tell your headphone speakers to function via the audio aux cable as opposed to the Bluetooth generation… this halfway point among the two features will make one of the audio system now not to paintings.

So, how do you fix this? (Simply by way of taking your aux cable plug and try to knock the small mechanical trigger ball lower back to where it changed into before by means of pushing the cable plug into the jack port (inside and outside) at different angles. This ought to be just right for you in any other case you want to continue to the superior troubleshooting steps under.)

Advanced troubleshooting steps — the way to restoration headphones and not using a sound Since the above basic steps did not solve your problem of (How to repair bluetooth headphones one facet now not operating?), this may be a hardware defection internal your facet speaker which isn’t operating.

During the underneath troubleshooting steps you might be desiring to have the subsequent objects (take a look at its promotion prices from the hyperlinks):

only one bluetooth earbud works at a timef Screwdriver Aux cable with its jack plug Power cable cutter or slicer Soldering device package
Step 1: Checking whether or not it is a speaker trouble.
For this step, you have to open the faulty speaker (that doesn’t paintings) and this step basically could be very clean in case you understand how to paintings nicely with a soldering tool, follow the below instructions grade by grade:

Displace the Batteries from the headphone and the aux cable in case if it’s far linked to the socket. Remove your headphone speaker’s foam pads via twisting them counterclockwise (or by using a flat kind screwdriver to open the clips type foam pad for some fashions, the ones foam pads must be separated from the headphone speaker frame). one side of wireless headphones not working Most probably you may face screws (open those screws with the screwdriver so you can access the wires that connected to the speaker internally). ! CAUTION: Be sure that you have already eliminated the batteries that are within the wi-fi headphone simply in case if there will be any quick circuit with the wires so no defection might arise.
Bring the additional aux cable that has a jack on one stop (If you do now not have this kind of cable you can both cut a comparable cable from any other antique speaker or headphone from one give up and depart the jack on the alternative stop or bring an aux cable and manually restore the jack on it.
Slice the alternative end of the cable using the slicer device to have round 2 cm steel cable shown.
Twist every cable give up on one cable of the speaker tightly (temporarily with out soldering it)
NOTE: To do it the right manner, you want to use the soldering tool to dispose of the solder from the points have been original cables are soldered at the speaker, then solder the brand new cable at the identical points, however understand that you have to do away with the transient cable again by using the use of the soldering tool. How to restoration Bluetooth headphones one facet no longer running?
Plug the other end of the cable (the jack plug) into a media tool participant socket.
Turn the media tool ON then play a track and notice if the speaker works or now not.
NOTE: If the speaker doesn’t work you then want to go to Step 3, But if the speaker works well, then you definately need to visit Step 2.
If the speaker works pleasant then you definitely need to flip OFF the media player first, then dispose of the jack plug from it, then solder again the unique cables in their locations on the speaker, and connect its cover again.
Step 2: (If step 1 is genuine) Checking that the headphone socket port bodily functioning nicely.
If your wi-fi headphone performs music in one speaker and you’ve got already checked that the speaker without a sound has no technical difficulty or it wasn’t the motive in the back of the difficulty then maximum likely the problem because of the socket port.

one wireless earbud not working The socket port is hooked up to a small electrical circuit board (as proven within the underneath photo) that connected to the audio system either without delay or indirectly so if this socket has a mechanical problem (similar to I said above on the triggers) or an electrical trouble on its board you want to replace it.

But of path, you want to test it first:

Does it feel loose while you plug in an aux jack to this headphone socket? Will the voice works on the silent speaker while being attentive to track in a single side speaker and pushing in and out an aux socket? Does an aux jack stuck and now not been inserted absolutely within the socket port and a part of it stay outdoor? If you’re experiencing one or greater of the above signs maximum probably you want to update the defective jack socket of your wireless Bluetooth headphone. (Proceed to step four)

Step 3: (If step 1 is fake) Replacing the faulty speaker. As proven within the under picture the speaker is hooked up through cables to the circuit board which we will eliminate and install the brand new speaker.

Open the screws at the headphone base to peer wherein the cables are going behind.

Using the soldering device we take away all 4 cables as proven in the below picture so that it will take off the faulty speaker.

We solder returned the new four cables using the identical technique above of the brand new speaker in the equal precise locations as the old cables, handiest one bluetooth earbud works at a time then we repair again all elements collectively following the same method backward. Step four: (If step 2 is proper) Replacing the faulty jack socket. Replacing the headphone’s jack socket you want to use the soldering device to dismantle it from the board (check the underneath image of the way the socket looks from the opposite aspect on the board fixed by way of solder). Headphone jack port socket soldered
Soldering the brand new socket at the identical specific locations at the board (you must priorly order the identical exact socket or use an vintage one from the same headphone model)
Fix again all headphone elements in reverse to have your headphones again as before.
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How To Fix Bluetooth Earbuds When Only One Side Works Here are very clean eight simple restoration steps for wi-fi Bluetooth one wi-fi earbud no longer working or AirPods headsets whose one facet doesn’t work difficulty to check and follow to remedy the issue:

Enable/Disable Bluetooth — Enable and disable the Bluetooth function on your cellular. (does this fix the issue?) Reconnect Your Bluetooth Earbuds — Remove the Bluetooth connection from your mobile settings and upload the headphone once more. (does this restore the issue?) Check Earbuds Base Door — Wear both portions (If your wi-fi headset is from Apple) at the same time as one among them isn’t running and maintain on commencing and remaining the case door numerous instances. Check Earbuds After Using It For a While — Keep on sporting each pieces (If your wi-fi headset is from Apple) for around 5 mins at the same time as listening to an audio or video for your iPhone. (after some time the silent piece will reply and play the sound).
Check Earbud Battery — Check the not functioning piece battery rate, if it doesn’t have a fee then it is off so surely price that piece.
Check Your Mobile — Connect your Bluetooth headphones to some other cellular telephone and notice whether it is operating high-quality or the equal problem remains. (if both portions work best then the issue is for your mobile, you need to do a little troubleshooting on your cell like smooth reset ..And so forth) 

Check Audio Mono or Stereo — Check whether the music you’re playing is mono (This additionally typically happens that a consumer doesn’t recognise a mono track he’s gambling and think there is an problem with the headphone speaker. Mono tracks plays best one facet in any speaker or headphone.) Check Your Audio files — Play distinctive audio files or motion pictures, maybe the problem is with the document that being played now not with the headphones. NOTE: If all the above did now not remedy the difficulty of 1 facet earpiece isn’t always running you then don’t have anything to do extra but to replace that headset or provide it to its authorized service middle.
Headphones are electric gadgets which every now and then we do now not understand how or why they vary of their performance specifically on the subject of wi-fi (Bluetooth) headphones, so mainly the above primary troubleshooting steps should remedy your headphone one aspect doesn’t paintings difficulty however if it did not, then proceed to the advanced steps.

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