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How to improve the user search experience of the website

We know that seo itself is for the search engine, the ultimate effect is to make the site in the search engine to get a good ranking and inclusion, with keywords as the title, both in line with the search engine keyword rules, but also in line with the user's search habits. Since the search engine itself is to improve the user experience and the existence of the user experience, then the user experience is an important standard for us to carry out seo.

A good search experience maybe we do not let the student user on your website development to influence the special good feeling, but for a very bad search experience but can give your website business to bring a fatal blow. Whether it is to provide more and better service to the user management, or inevitably produce a negative experience between users, a good website design should allow visitors to easily find the information they think they want to look for, as well as very simple and convenient to allow them to complete the operation they want, such as GOOGLE has always attached great importance to improving the user experience, Baidu's revamped is also China in order to realize the user experience and revamped, Baidu's revamped. Baidu's revamp is also China's revamp for the realization of the user experience, thus analyzing the user experience of a company's website can be seen how important it is.

Improve the search user experience usually include: 1.

1. Clear search portal, necessary search tips, search process operation is convenient and concise, search results show clearly;

2. In addition, you can also search according to the categories of categories,seo services in singapore before the search to narrow down the search scope.

3. Record the search history to facilitate the user's next search, but also to facilitate our collection of user information;

4. Provide a popular search terms, the search frequency has a high research display in the search box, etc.;

Such as super fast line (Seo691), has been to improve the user experience as a standard, to help more sites to get a lot of natural traffic.

Search experience of the "three degrees" to create a satisfactory search experience, need to do a good job of three "degrees": speed, temperature, accuracy. 1.

1. Speed is the ability to get search results and complete the search process faster. 2.

2. Temperature means that the search process is humanized, easy to understand and operate, so that users feel friendly, and even surprise.

3. Accuracy means that the search analysis results are conducted accurately and meet the expectations of business users.

Good search experience is good user experience

We can deduce its functional positioning and application scenarios from the specific form of search and think about whether there is a better program, so as to improve our ability to think. On the other hand, in the future design practice, we should start from the function, comprehensively consider the type of business, functional positioning, target users and application scenarios, and choose the most appropriate form to improve the search experience, so that users can search faster, more accurate and more comfortable.


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