How to maintain Live Edge Wood Furniture?

A Live Edge Wood Table is more than just a piece of the wood slab lying in the centre of your living room; it's a place where you sit, enjoy, and have a meal together. Its raw and rustic charm, which can be paired easily up with any style - modern or contemporary can add a personality to your interior. But, to keep its beauty intact, you need to maintain and take care of it, and fortunately, it is no big headache to do that. 

If you own a Reclaimed Wood Furniture in the UK, be it a live edge slab countertop or the centre table of the living room, here are some tips you can follow to keep it clean, polished, and safe!


  1. Use microfiber towels for dusting!

You do not want to dust your Live Edge Wood Furniture with a cloth that is harsh and will spread any nitty-gritty debris instead of cleaning it, right? That's why make sure you use a clean microfiber towel to dust or wipe your live edge wood furniture. They are soft and nicely sweep up every little fleck of dust. 

  1. Stay away from harsh chemicals!

If you want to maintain your Live Edge Table in the UK, then using harsh chemicals is a big NO! Rather, using a natural cleansing product for your live edge wood furniture seems to go pretty well. There are many options available in the market, but one thing that anyone can find easily in their home is Vinegar. Just mix a little bit of Vinegar with warm water to dilute it, and there you have your very own natural cleaning product. 

  1. Use conditioning cream to polish the live edge wood furniture!

Once you receive your Live Edge Furniture in the UK, it is better to condition the surface quite often to keep it shiny and clean. This will help reduce minor scratches on the furniture, but make sure to buff the cream properly. Also make sure, that no cream enters or leaks into the ridges or holes of the furniture, as with time, it can build up and make your live edge furniture look grungy.

Make sure to follow these tips, and your furniture will look just as new always. Are you looking for Live Edge Wood Furniture for your home? Then visit Wicked Mata! We create beautifully handcrafted live edge wood furniture that will instantly add a lot more personality to the interior of your place.


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