One of the most annoying things in daily study life, hair loss may 脫髮治療 be due to one. Normal hair loss is an important physiological and psychological phenomenon of people.

Hair is divided into growth period (about 3-5 years), degeneration period (about 3-6 weeks) and rest period (about 3-4 months). Under normal circumstances, about 90%-95% of the hair is in the growth phase, and the hair is thick and healthy. Approximately 1% of hair is in the degenerative period. During this period, the hair growth is slow, and the hair roots gradually move to the epidermis, but the hair has not yet separated, and about 4%-10% are in the resting period. During this time, the hair stops growing and the roots are very close to the epidermis, so it is easy to fall off. For example, in East Asia, the number of hairs is about 100,000. It is normal for an adult to lose approximately 60-100 hairs per day. Hair loss is a normal metabolic reaction, and hair regrowth usually occurs in 3-6 months. What is the cause of hair loss? How to prevent hair loss? However, if the number of hair loss exceeds, we should pay attention. Although hair loss itself does not affect people's physical health on the surface, it can cause psychological and mental stress for hair loss.

How to prevent hair loss daily

Keep your body healthy, treat diseases in time, some diseases that can cause hair loss and good treatment;

2. Ensure adequate sleep and improve sleep quality. Good quality and adequate sleep can help improve hair loss, especially if you don’t stay up late;

3. Carry out the correct hair care, wash your hair frequently, keep the scalp clean, do not use the water because the temperature is too high when washing your hair, choose the right shampoo according to the student's own hair quality, and do not use it if the working time is not too short. When using a hair dryer, do not let the high temperature in China damage the hair follicles of the scalp. The comb can be designed to use wooden combs or horn combs as much as possible, and nylon combs should not be used as much as possible to eliminate the negative information irritation of the scalp due to static electricity;

4. Maintain a balanced nutrition. While maintaining a balanced nutrition, you can eat more black foods, such as black beans, black sesame seeds, and nuts. Don't drink too much, too partial, or greasy;

What are the causes of hair loss and hair loss? How to prevent hair loss?

5. In terms of mentality management, maintain a positive, optimistic and peaceful 脫髮治療 mentality, avoid the ups and downs of students' emotions, and overcome their depressed and anxious psychology;

6. Stay away from urban pollution sources, away from radioactive environmental pollution and dust control pollution sources in social life, and not be too easy to indulge in electronics such as mobile phones, ipads, computers, TVs, etc.;

7. Maintaining student exercise, proper aerobic sports, and more exposure to outdoor sunlight and fresh air is very lacking;

Avoid excessive fatigue, overworked body and mind, which has a great influence on hair loss, pay attention to supplement nutrition, work and rest;

9. Follow the doctor's arrangements, and don't take drugs at will because you can avoid side effects that will affect your hair loss;

Avoid prolonged exposure to the sun and prevent prolonged exposure to ultraviolet rays from causing hair aging;

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