How to Quickly and Easily Clean Your Computer

Cleaning, whether it is a spring clean at home or an uncontrolled rush around the kitchen before guests arrive, it is not the most thrilling task. Like our homes though, computers need cleaning and care too. The good thing is, computers are quick to clean and the advantages are huge. It definitely beats cleaning out the garage!

Why It Pays to Keep Your Computer Clearer
Many people are working from home these days, yet if not every day of the week. With the added strain on computers from more use or transporting between office and home, it is more important than ever to get this right.

Even if you do not use your computer for work, this article is for you. We promise, just a few minutes of your time and you will have all the information you need.

Here is a summary of the main benefits of keeping your computer cleaner:

  • Save money — if you treat your machine right, it will last longer

  • Productivity — keeping your computer optimized will save you time

  • Cleanliness — it is more important than ever now to keep those annoying germs away

How To Clean PC Disc Drives?
While it is both important and lovely to have a shiny looking outside, it is what is inside that really counts.
Dust and particle build-up can lead to the dreaded ‘read error’ warning.

To safely clean a disc drive:
Open the tray and swiftly blow compressed air into the opening. The crate will come with a small straw-like feature to get into hard-to-reach places.
Use a laser lens cleaning kit. This will look like a DVD and have tiny brushes on it to clean the CD/DVD player’s sensitive lens.

How To Clean a PC Hard Drive?
This is a very important part of your computer cleaning act. Hard drives have extraordinarily strong casings, so we do not mean physically get in there and clean it. Cleaning your hard drive cites to uninstalling old software or deleting unused temporary files to increase space.

You can do this manually or install computer cleaning software to help you. By using software, it will prompt you when it is time to clean, or you can choose to automate many features so you do not even have to think about it!

By following these easy suggestions, your computer can keep on working as if it were new. do not get frustrated and think you have to upgrade every few years unless you want to, of course.

If you think your computer is running slow and the performance is down, give it a good spring clean. Ultimately, it will not take nearly as long as your house but will put a big smile on your face when it is meandering along again, like new.

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