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With the cost-of-living crisis putting pressure on household budgets, you are probably striving to make financial savings in various aspects of your lifestyle. However, food is a necessity, and you ideally don’t want to hamper the nutritional value of your diet if you can help it.
Fortunately, as the Sophie Cooks YouTuber, I have long been advising people on how to make everyday meals in a way that uses both time and money especially effectively. Here are just a few pointers on how you could alleviate the financial burden of your eating habits.
Plan your meals in advance
One good idea is to list the main meals you anticipate consuming in the coming week. You should note down not only the meals but also the ingredients required for them, as you will then be able to ascertain which ingredients are already in your kitchen.
If your kitchen currently has some food for which your household lacks an obvious use, see if this food could serve as an additional or substitute ingredient in meals you are already planning.
Be careful where you store your food
If you were busy clearing out your kitchen during one of the COVID-19 lockdowns, you may have been shocked to find certain foods that you had forgotten you originally bought. The chances are that these foods were also past their sell-by dates and so had to be thrown out.
However, food can also go off if it simply isn’t stored correctly. So, once you have bought a food item, remember to look up the best way of storing it so that you can help prevent food wastage.
Watch recipe videos on my YouTube channel
On what used to be known as the Sophie Cooks YouTuber channel, I have posted videos showing how to prepare healthy meals quickly and easily.
Especially importantly, none of the meals necessitate the use of posh ingredients. It is very probable that your kitchen already contains many of the required ingredients and so could spare you a few shopping trips as a result.
Use a catering service for special occasions
These occasions could include weddings, dinner parties and corporate events – all of which are examples of events for which my London-based company, Sophie Wright Catering, is able to prepare a wide range of succulent food.
What exactly that food is can depend on the client’s requirements – both nutritional and financial. This is why, if you are interested in booking a catering service, I urge you to contact my team of London culinary experts.

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