How to Select The Best Medical Exam Gloves?

How to Select The Best Medical Exam Gloves?

With the emergence of COVID-19, medical exam gloves have recently gained huge importance. However, they have been in use for decades and play a major role in the healthcare industry. In addition to the medical field, they are also used by workers to handle chemicals and hazardous substances. 

Do you know exam gloves are available in various thicknesses? Yes. Also, these gloves are made of different materials such as nitrile vinyl and latex. Wondering which is the best material? To help you select the best gloves, here are some best tips to consider. 

5 Essential Tips to Choose the Right Medical Exam Gloves

  • Right Material

When it comes to selecting medical exam gloves the first thing to consider is the right material as these gloves' main purpose is to keep the hands safe. The most commonly used material is nitrile. Nitrile is strong, and flexible and comes with no allergy risk. 

These are made of synthetic rubber-like material and are the best choice for medical examination gloves. Talking about latex, it isn't the right choice for all as many people may have an allergy to it. On the other hand, vinyl is best for the food industry as these gloves can handle water well. 

  • Right Quality 

Gloves are an important PPE- personal protective equipment as they keep the hands from dangers in work settings and different situations. However, using a glove of low quality is meaningless as it won't be strong and will not last long. 

Therefore, another thing to consider is the quality of the gloves which should be watertight and shouldn't be easy to tear. Always purchase medical gloves that meet with AQL- Acceptable Quality Level standards. One must check quality carefully as it not only offers longer durability but also ensures safe use. 

  • Thickness

Because nitrile gloves are the best choice when it comes to medical exam gloves, selecting their right thickness is important. Their thickness is measured in mil. 

For instance, one mil equals 1/1000 of an inch. Therefore for medical applications, the right choice is 3 to 4 mil. Besides, for higher-risk applications, the right choice is 7 to 8 mil as they provide higher protection. 

  • Powdering 

To make sure the gloves are put on easily, a powdering technique is used inside, be it nitrile or hygiene gloves. However, these days gloves are powder-free yet can be easily put on, thanks to the chlorination process. 

So when purchasing make sure to skip the powdered ones and opt for the newer powder-free gloves. Also, be aware that powdered ones are linked with health issues such as airway inflammation and allergic reactions as they can spread germs. Besides, chlorination also gives the gloves a satin-like finish. 

  • Correct Size 

Gloves must fit perfectly, especially when working with higher-risk applications. Choosing the right size is crucial as loose ones will bring difficulties. For instance, a loose-fitting glove can lead to difficulty in holding items. 

Also not wearing the proper size is meaningless as germs can easily enter inside the gloves. However, this doesn't mean one must buy overly tight gloves as they may rip sooner than expected. The best way to measure the right size for your gloves is by wrapping a measuring tape around your palm. 

Why is Nitrile the Best Choice for Medical Exam Gloves?

Wondering what makes nitrile the best material for medical exam gloves? Here are the reasons behind it:

  • They offer maximum strength.  
  • They are more breathable. 
  • They are allergy-free. 
  • They are resistant to punctures and chemicals. 
  • They are available both in sterile and non-sterile variations. 
  • They are available in various wrist-forearm lengths. 
  • They are useful in a wide range of scenarios and different industries. 
  • They come in both chlorinated and non-chlorinated from. 

Pick the Best One as per Your Needs

We at MedGuard are the leading supplier of medical products both consumable and equipment from top brands. We have a wide range of gloves to meet everyone’s needs, each tested thoroughly and of high quality. Be it hygiene gloves or medical examination gloves, all are durable and comfortable. Besides, they come in different sizes, ensuring a natural fit for smooth operation. Be it quality service, customer support, smooth delivery or affordability, you can rely on us completely. 

Original Source of This Article: Top 6 Materials You Need to Maintain Hygiene During Surgery

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