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What Is WordPress?

WordPress is an effective CMS - content management system that helps you build your website effectively. Using WordPress for Web Development can help you get a user-friendly platform with system layout with ease. WordPress is available in 2 forms is a completely free platform that is hosted by WordPress. Well, when it comes to customization, you may have restrictions as the host is WordPress itself.
It is also completely free to use, but the difference is with you need to pay for hosting. Also, allows unlimited customization. Hence it is recommended for businesses & brands. You just need to spend on hosting and get complete freedom for bespoke web development.
10 Reasons Why WordPress Is The Preferred Platform For Web Development

1. Saves Time

WordPress Website Design & Development helps you set up your website in just 5 minutes. With plenty of WordPress plug-ins that can be installed in no time allows you to include functionality to your website. Plug-ins also help automate a lot of tasks which otherwise can be time-consuming. These plug-ins help you manage the site effectively and save a lot of time.
2. Offers Flexibility
Thanks to the flexibility associated with WordPress for WordPress Development Services.It allows you to pick from plenty of pre-made themes. There are paid as well as free themes to help you customize your site according to your requirements.
Also, you will find countless WordPress plug-ins on this platform. These small sets of codes help extend the functionality of your website using a few clicks. With plug-ins, you can integrate almost anything to your site. You can use a web application development company,build a membership site, blog, or an online store.
With a little knowledge of CSS or HTML, you can customize WordPress plug-ins or themes as well. It is an open-source platform that can help you bring your ideas on screen.

3. Intelligent Integrations

If you want a website that supports 3rd party tools automatically, then WordPress is the right option. For instance, you can use WordPress to establish an eCommerce store using Woocommerce.

4. Saves Money

WordPress is very cost-effective. Just pay minimal fees to purchase a domain or purchase plug-ins and themes. Apart from the initial set up expenses, you won’t have to pay anything for using WordPress. This is because the platform is free and is loaded with free upgrades for a lifetime.
5. User Friendly
Do not have coding skills? No worries because you don’t need to be a coder to use
wordpress web development company With basic knowledge of computers & the internet, you can set up your WordPress site. It is designed to be installed and managed faster.
6. Rigid Security
Security is the prime concern with websites. With WordPress, you don’t have to spend a huge amount to get a secure website. Yes, WordPress offers Fort Knox-level security that comes with regular updates.
For enhanced protection, you can install free plug-ins.

7. SEO-Friendly

SEO is one of the crucial marketing strategies to help your business get online recognition. Certainly, SEO is a lengthy process, but WordPress helps you get a SEO optimized site effortlessly to bring more customers to your site.

You can simply download the free plugin- Yoast SEO plugin to help your site get recognition. The plug-in gives you the liberty to edit title tags, keywords, and meta descriptions. So, even without having SEO knowledge, you can just follow the instructions that come with the plug-in to do SEO work.
8. Large Support Community
Thousands and thousands of people use WordPress. In case you face any problems with your website you can visit the free forums. You can refer to older threads or get the answers to your queries by WordPress experts at no cost.
In case you couldn’t find the answers in the forums, you can check it with a plug-in or theme creator. You can also find plenty of videos on WordPress tutorials available on YouTube.
9. Faster Loading
Website Development company is believed to be slower than most HTML sites, but that solely depends on the content uploaded on your website.
To help your website run faster, select a fast theme with fewer whistles and bells. Also, try to optimize the page load time for your site by reducing the caching, images, and minifying code.

For enhanced speed, you can use a CDN (content delivery network). A perfect option to do so is Cloudflare which helps you get reduced load times.

10. Smart Marketing

Web Development using WordPress Website Design & Development lets you automate the main aspects of marketing to attract more customers within a short span. You can use social media accounts to post new content automatically without actually doing it. For this simply download a plugin – Simple Page tester to check your landing pages. Also, connect with MailChimp or ConvertKit to automate the emails.
Wrap Up

It may sound interesting to code a website from scratch. But it can be time-consuming and need considerable investment. Looking at the benefits of WordPress for web development, why spend time and money coding a site. Opt for a time saving and budget-friendly platform like WordPress for building your website.
If you want to build a WordPress website, connect with Webfox for efficient WordPress websites. We offer customizations that meet the specific needs of your business. Discuss your vision with us to get a comprehensive WordPress website.
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Reasons Why You Should Opt For WordPress For Web Development?

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