How to start your own pet food production line ?

Recently, we successfully exported to a 500KG/H pet food production line to Kenya. The customer is our new customer. he is self-employed business man. He brought this small pet food processing machine for self use and business purpose. His raw materials are corn, minced meat and vegetables.

In order to meet the demand of growing pet food market, pet food is made by advanced pet food manufacturing equipment and the most scientific nutrition ratio to ensure easy digestion. Pet food extruding machine gives pet food novel shape, unique taste and color, which can totally meet all the requirements for pet food. Over years of development, Zeno Pellet Machine has achieved excellent results in extruding technology for pet food. The pet food extruder machine we provided is a good choice to start pet food making business.

Pet Food Production Line Layout
Pet Food Production Line LayoutSmall Pet Food Processing Line
Small Pet Food Processing Line
The output of this pet feed line is 400~500kg/hr and it consists of mixing tank, pet feed extruder, dryer, spraying machine, sewing machine, electronic control cabinet, etc.. The final produced pet food has colorful shapes and tasty flavors that caters to all kinds of pet. The pet food production line consists of powder mixer, twin screw extruder, air feeder, dryer and coat coating unit.

Pneumatic Conveyor System
Pneumatic Conveyor SystemOctagon Spray Hanging Machine
Octagon Spray Hanging Machine
inquire about the price and cost

Single-screw Extruder for Extruding
In the high-temperature and high-pressure environment and the extrusion of the screw, the mold can be replaced by adjusting the different feeds in the production department of the process, and the specific particle size and shape.

Multi-layer Oven for Temperature Regulation
The oven is mostly an electric oven. The temperature is adjusted by the control cabinet between 0-200 degrees. The inside is a stainless steel double-layer net bag to reduce the moisture of feed particles, promote the aging rate, and increase the shelf life.

Oil Sprayer for Seasoning
The oil sprayer sprays oils, attractants, etc. The seasoning tube has octagonal tube, cylinder, lifting single drum and double drum seasoning line. According to the output and product nature, the grease is sprayed on the feed surface. Spray minced meat and spices to sprinkle evenly.

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