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Malerarbeiten Wien

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Im Voraus beraten wir Sie detailliert welche Farben sich genau Ihrem Ziel entspricht. Neben der Wahl des Farbtons informieren wir Sie umfassend über die Eigenschaften der verwendeten Farbe, damit Sie lange Freude an Ihrem neuen Anstrich haben. Unsere Experten von Malerbetrieb Wien können mehr als streichen und tapezieren. Denn für das beste Farbergebnis bekommen Sie auch zum passenden Anstrich eine genaue Beratung. Unsere Spezialisten hilft Ihnen nicht nur bei…


Simple Buying Diet Drugs From an On line Pharmacy

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On the web pharmacies get a varied and huge method of getting medicine medications. They require a large inventory for his or her buyers worldwide. You've greater odds of getting numerous fat loss titles from on line pharmacies than the local store. A regional drugstore can simply lack stock but medicine store websites always have their offer ready. Persons surviving in remote parts or disabled people can manage to get thier medicines sent with their door step. All on line pharmacies send…


Wie man in Spanien eine SIP-Karte erhält - Immobilien Denia

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Gesundheit spielt eine wichtige Rolle im Leben. Krankheiten beeinträchtigen das Wohlsein von Menschen, und das gilt vor allem für das denia immobilien kaufen Immunsystem. Medikamente und Therapien tragen in der Regel zur Wiederherstellung der Gesundheit bei, wenn man krank geworden ist. Einige Medikamente sind allerdings relativ kostspielig…


How To Tell If You Need To Replace A Lithium Ion Battery

There are a lot of reasons why lithium-ion batteries die. These are often exposed to certain conditions that could affect their life span. If you’re wondering what the signs are in needing to replace a 7.4v lithium ion battery pack or even 14.8v lithium ion battery, then this article is for you. Here’s how to tell if you need to replace your lithium-ion battery.

Firstly, let’s go through some of the causes why your 14.8v lithium ion battery dies.

Solid electrolyte interface effect

When charging batteries, lithium moves toward negative electrodes. This causes the charging of the voltage potential of the battery. During this process, a stable electrolyte interface or SEI is formed. SEI grows as the battery cycles. As this unfolds, it causes a blockage, causing the battery to degrade.


Another common reason why batteries die is age. The longer you use a battery, the weaker they become. It also means that the battery has undergone many recharging cycles.

Mechanical fatigue

Mechanical fatigue can lead to overheating, which will eventually lead to battery failure. In addition, when negative electrodes expand and contract during charging, it goes to the particle’s cracks causing an increase in internal impedance, which is why batteries are overheating.

With that in mind, you need to replace your battery if the following scenarios happen:

It stops charging

If your battery stops charging, you can always try to revive it. This will help restore the condition of your battery. However, if this still doesn’t work, it’s a clear sign that you need a replacement.

The battery becomes very hot

As explained earlier, temperature effects can be very telling about your battery’s condition. Keep in mind that heat is the enemy when it comes to the performance of your 7.4v lithium ion battery pack or 14.8v lithium ion battery. High temperatures can indicate damages to the battery. Its reaction rate is increased, thus the I2R heat dissipation is very high. If this is the case, you’ll need to replace your current battery.

The battery can only be used for a shorter period of time

After several recharging cycle, you’ll notice that your batteries can only be used for a shorter period of time now than it was at the time you first bought it. This is a clear indication that your battery is now in the process of dying.

As said before, you can always have the option to revive your 7.4v lithium ion battery pack. You can even rejuvenate it by connecting it to a healthy battery. However, the best course of action is to find a replacement. While reviving it may restore it to an earlier condition, the wear and tear of a lithium ion battery are inevitable.

As batteries age, they weaken. Your job is to know when it’s time to replace a battery. Hopefully, this article was able to help you fully understand the stages of a battery’s life and the importance of replacing it when necessary.

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