How to treat patients with condyloma acuminatum

How to improve the treatment of 激光脫疣 condyloma acuminatum? Condyloma acuminatum is a sexually transmitted disease, which may affect the growth of some spike-like papules on students. Generally speaking, a condyloma acuminatum can be removed by surgery or laser or freezing. Waiting for physical therapy to be effective treatment, then our specific treatment research methods, let us understand and analyze together.

Condyloma acuminata: Also known as genital condyloma or venereal condyloma, it is caused by the sexually transmitted disease human papilloma virus. The incubation period of the disease is about 3 months, which is as short as 3 weeks, and the elderly are more than 8 months. The onset mainly depends on the number of inoculated viruses and body haptens. The clinical manifestations are sharp and moist surfaces. Typical skin lesions are papules, papules, and cauliflower. Succulent neoplasms in the shape or crown, located in moist areas such as around the genitals or anus, with rough and keratinized surfaces.

Treatment of condyloma acuminatum:

1. Surgical treatment For small single condyloma acuminatum, it can be surgically removed; for huge condyloma acuminatum, it can be surgically removed. During the operation, use frozen sections to check whether the damage is completely eliminated.

2. Cryotherapy uses liquid nitrogen at a low temperature of -196°C to treat condyloma acuminatum with pressure freezing, which promotes the necrosis of wart tissue cells and leads to shedding. This method can be applied to small number of enterprises and small area of ​​condyloma. It is feasible for 1-2 times The treatment interval is one week.

3. Laser treatment usually uses a carbon dioxide laser and burns genital warts, which are best used for genitals, penis, or anus condyloma acuminata. Single or a small number of multiple condyloma acuminata can be treated, and multiple or large areas of condyloma can be treated 2-3 times, usually at an interval of one week.

Electrocautery treatment, using high-frequency electroacupuncture or electrosurgical knife to remove condyloma acuminatum. Method: Local anesthesia followed by electrocautery. This treatment method is suitable for the small number and small area of ​​condyloma acuminatum.

5. Microwave treatment can use different microwave technology surgical treatment machines. The rod-shaped radiation is inserted through the probe tip into a sharp wetness directly to the base of the wart body. When you see that the body becomes smaller, the color becomes darker, and the soft becomes hard After the radiation coagulation time is complete, the probe can be withdrawn. The coagulated lesions can be removed with forceps. In order to prevent recurrence, coagulation of the remaining base can be repeated once.

How to treat condyloma acuminatum on the body? I believe that through the above introduction, everyone has an understanding of the treatment of condyloma acuminata. Because each patient with condyloma acuminata has different symptoms, the suitable treatment method is different, so it is best for everyone to follow the actual situation. To determine how to treat condyloma acuminatum.

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