How Will We Communicate With the Moon's Inhabitants?

A super massive black hole is thought to form from the joining of smaller black holes. Since black holes take in matter, over time they grow. If two black holes come together, and then another and so on, a super massive black hole is eventually formed. Most super massive black holes exist within the center of galaxies. Our own milky way galaxy has one, and it is thought that all galaxies have one of these giants at its center. So, are they the result of the joining of many smaller black holes? It is quite possible that they can form in this way, but I believe the majority of them form in a different manner.

There is an evolution to the formation of a galaxy. I maintain that there is an evolution to everything, including the universe. In order to paint a clear picture of the evolution of a galaxy to include super massive black holes, we have to go all the way back to the beginning. If there was one, and it does not matter what beginning we start with. I don't care if it was the big bang or the Nothing Universe, the only thing that matters is matter. That we have the material needed to build ourselves a galaxy. If you believe in the big bang than you believe that a singularity exploded to form the known Universe. In this case there would be a little added step in the evolutionary scale. In this case sub atomic particles would have to come together to form protons, neutrons, and electrons. Any unstable, exotic particles would disappear as the universe began to cool. It is important to point out that the big bang is not really thought of as an explosion by all. Some rather like Guth's Inflation theory. This still relies on a hot and dense singularity that expands rather than explodes. The expansion would be extremely fast, perhaps exceeding the speed of light.

The other competing theories are the steady state, and osculating universe. The steady state maintains the universe has and always will exist much as it has. If this is the case than this hypothesis of mine is out the window. The Osculating universe maintains that the universe expands and contracts in a never ending cycle of beginnings and ends. In this case my hypothesis is bobcat 300 for sale valid. The evolution of the universe fits nicely with my Nothing Universe hypothesis. As the nothing atoms were destroyed the materials left behind were protons, neutrons,and electrons. For more on this idea, you can read my article entitled, "The Nothing Universe".

After the event that lead to the formation of the universe, protons and electrons came together to form hydrogen. Hydrogen is the most abundant element in the universe followed by helium. Hydrogen was first. Helium formed next, thanks to star formation. Once Massive clouds of hydrogen began to form, the process of separation began. Within this expanse of hydrogen, stars began to take shape as enough hydrogen came together to sustain fusion. The processes within this star will form the higher elements. All over this cloud, proto stars are forming as they become the first known stellar objects in the universe. All of this is taking place in the outer regions of the hydrogen cloud. At this point all of the hydrogen has separated as dictated by gravity and galaxies are beginning to form. In each of these clouds, at the center it is becoming denser and denser. Proto stars are starting to form, but there is too much matter in this region. Perhaps a super massive star forms or starts to form. These super massive stars could have existed in the center of each galaxy, but there life spans would be extremely short. Burning up their fuel rapidly. Since there is so much material in this region of space that even if a super massive star forms it can not maintain hydrostatic equilibrium. And, it is thought that anything over around a 150 solar masses would want to push itself apart. The core generation would be enough to over come its own gravity, in theory.

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