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I was wondering whether it was possible to RuneScape

So theoretically I'm buying the logs and RuneScape gold making them into boards, at a price of 590gp each board. (Including the cost of these logs) On the G.E. teak planks market for 700gp to 800gp. So I thought, hmmm, this might be a means to convert 500k in to 700k-800k. True, does not sound like a lot. But cutting all those yews for such a long time, I'm unsure of which is quicker unless I timed it, in which case my watch is not in working order right now. So, to all you wealthy folks out there with 30m+, is this a good way to merchant with 500k? Can I maintain cutting yews? Or is there something else that I could do? Thank you everyone.

I was wondering whether it was possible to barrow along with my stats using the following installment. I'm likely to get 55 slayer if this can work. Hi once again. And once again, question. I've seen people praise scimitars. So, I have bought one and was abandoned with some unanswerable questions. These bonuses depended with full rune, cape, regular boots and explorer ring lvl3. It's obvious, scimitar doesn't offer any substantial bonus. In fact. Longsword is far better. The question is: Why is there any reason to select scimitar instead of longsword?

I'm not quite sure what to do now. I can't think of skills to raise, or things to do in Runescape. I want some tips on what abilities to raise, maybe some things to do. I'm also running out of ideas to earn money at the moment. I have 3.1m at the moment, and can not figure out what to do to double or triple that figure. Below are some goals I was thinking of. . .maybe somebody can assist me in this region? Obtain Fighter Torso. (All the ones who have excellent rewards.) . I would rather have Cooking, as it is my highest skill at this time. Get all abilities 50+, possibly 55+. Get 100 battle, maybe 85 strength.

All I need is some help on achieving goals essentially. For fighter chest just conduct barbarian assault a few times, should you get with a good group it shouldn't be much of a problem to run through it quickly. Cooking and fletching really just have a little times so buy some uncooked lobsters or any walnut logs (Since you're not 70 fletching however ) and start working.

For many skills 50+ just begin working on them one at a time, start with your cheapest get it to 50 and then move into the next one. For combat find a good monster to the level (Lighthouse dagganoths are good along with experiments.) Largely from what it seems like you simply have to start working. I'd personally choose the 50+ in all abilities and viewing as your smallest ability is summoning getting it to 50 would also increase your combat level so that you'd be killing two birds with cheap RS gold one stone.

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