That doesn't necessarily have to be a bad thing. Blizzard could benefit from a longer interval between expansions in WoTLK Gold order to get more player feedback and develop updates to the game and, hopefully, shorten the period between content updates. WoW isn't required to go in the same sour path it has been on for nearly four years. It could, ought to and, hopefully be improved. With all that has happened in recent years how much "better" is enough for disillusioned fans to give WoW another chance is a different question entirely.

WoW Shadowlands Final Raid Cinematic Teases An Even Bigger Risk, and Not Much More

A brand-new in-game film that is played at the conclusion of the final battle for World of Warcraft 's Shadowlands expansion sheds light on the motives behind the Jailer's eons-long goal of altering the reality as well as say that the game's fans are more than a little underwhelmed.

The last three bosses for The Sepulcher of the First Ones raid unlocked earlier today. In contrast to other raids, the final encounters of the game's most recent adventure were locked down for a further week and were not tested on the game's publicly-available test realm. This meant that players entered the experience with no idea about what was expected which led to an abundance of speculation about the Jailer's future plans, what the raid's finale might be a sign for future expansions and more. However, the answer seems to have most players prepared to put Shadowlands behind their backs. Spoilers below.

In the cinematic that plays towards the end of the raid, the Jailer, aka Zovaal, lies in a state of defeat. As he kneels, he recalls the events that led to his deportation, including thoughts of when Primus demanded the reason that led Zovaal's betrayal of the Shadowlands and attempt to break the circle in the realm of afterlife. His answer?

"A universe that is split will not endure what's to come," Zovaal says defiantly. He fades into the present, to be replaced by a mechanical shell of his previous self. The entrance to the Shadowlands above Icecrown Citadel closes. Filming ends.

If the players wanted some idea of where the new expansion (set to release in April) will bring them, this film does not deliver. The film also delivers an unclimactic conclusion to buy WoTLK Gold a widely disliked villain and the expansion overall.

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