Many people have questions about the importance of dryer vent cleaning. Many are concerned, but few actually do anything about it until something bad happens.

The dryer vent is designed to keep the moisture away from your home and out of the air, this is especially important in areas that are prone to flooding. If you live in an area with seasonal floods or experience heavy rainstorms on a regular basis, then you need to be even more vigilant about making sure that your dryer vent is clean.

Don't put off having your dryer vent cleaned because you think that it's not important. The fact is that it can be really hard to tell if your dryer vent needs cleaning, especially if you don't notice any odors coming from it.

In some cases, other household members will notice an odor coming from the vents or the laundry room before anyone realizes that there is a problem. If you notice a musty smell when you take clothes out of the dryer or smell a musty odor in another part of your home, contact a professional dryer vent cleaning service immediately.

Dryer lint is one of the leading causes of house fires. A lot of people don't realize how much lint accumulates in the dryer vent, and don't realize the potential danger. It's no surprise that many insurance companies are now making dryer vent cleaning a requirement for homeowners' insurance coverage.

Dryer lint is highly flammable, which makes it an excellent substance for kindling a fire. It's not uncommon for a single dryer load to produce up to six pounds of lint. When you consider that most homes have multiple loads of laundry sitting in the dryer each day, it becomes clear just how much dryer lint is being produced in the home every week. When this lint builds up within the ductwork it can be ignited by a spark from an electrical outlet or light switch, which can easily start a fire.

Clean and dry clothes are one of the main benefits of having a dryer. But if your vent is clogged, it will draw moist air from your home and cause your dryer to work harder than it needs to. This can result in higher utility bills and will also shorten the lifespan of your dryer because it will have to work harder to do its job.

To prevent this from happening, have a professional clean out your dryer vent on a regular basis. The frequency will depend on how often you use the machine and the length of the vent itself. Some companies recommend cleaning it once per year, while others say every three years is sufficient.

Make sure you find a reputable company that can not only clean out your vent, but repair any holes or problems they find as well. As long as you keep up with these maintenance checks, you should be able to extend the life of your dryer and save money on utility bills each month.

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