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In World War II, the German pilots Lieutenant Horst Schopis, Josef Schwartz and Wolfgang Strunk crash their airplane in the wilderness of Norway after shooting down a British airplane. They walk through a snow storm until they reach shelter in an abandoned hunter cabin. Soon the British pilot Captain Charles P. Davenport and the gunner Robert Smith arrive in the cabin and they become prisoners of the German pilots. However, after the initial friction between the enemies, they realize that they should team-up to survive in the wilderness in the beginning of an improbable friendship.
Norway, WWII: A group of British and German soldiers find themselves stranded in the wilderness after an aircraft battle. Finding shelter in the same cabin, they realize the only way to survive the winter is to place the rules of war aside.
Although it does not really qualify as war film, 'Into the White' ranges among the best WW2 films I have seen. The makers as well as the actors deserve praise for getting the most out of a fascinating story: The film is beautifully shot, the soundtrack fits perfectly and the characters are convincing. Indeed, great care must have been taken when choosing the actors, for they not only have the correct origin (except for Strunk, though this will probably go undetected by non-native speakers) but also look like people did back then.

All in all it might not be an overly thought-provoking film, but nonetheless it is very watchable - highly recommendable. This film was simple and did not ever become over dramatic which many other films of a similar nature would. It is a story essentially of isolation and people who would normally be enemies, having to work together to survive. What was more interesting to me is that they did not focus to much on the psychological element of the event and instead merely focused on the situation, which is extremely peculiar for this kind of situation.

Although they aren't that similar, I couldn't help but get a 'Reservoir Dogs' feel from this film with the isolated setting and a group of people talking who normally wouldn't get on. It was enjoyable having a small cast and watching their antics in such a small place. There was essentially just the hut as the setting as for most of the film their surroundings were completely blinded by a snow storm.

I liked how the film started with it all in a foreign language showing the Germans struggle, but I wasn't looking forward to reading subtitles for a whole film, but this quickly wore off as the English entered the picture and the language changed, however it was kind of odd that all of the Germans could speak fluent English but he English could not do the same back.

Other things that confused me about this film, was why Rupert Grint was highlighted on the front cover as some kind of key character, when he wasn't really, but none the less I really did enjoy his northern accent.

I was a little dissatisfied by the ending, but it was realistic which I liked, it didn't have some happy ending where all of them were suddenly best friends and had all changed their views about each other by the end, instead they had all just learnt that the other side, were people rather than just the enemy. I didn't really like the fact that one of the Germans died when everything seemed to be going so well, but again it made it a little more realistic, leaving the film on a rather solemn note rather than some unrealistic happy note.

I enjoyed this film, and it is the first isolation film that hasn't focused on psychological aspects and instead just showed the situation.


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