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Now, now with time I will mention that Specialized Scuba Fishing is an option that you have to make. Reason behind that; specifically is MINDSET! If you are serious about learning to be a Technical Diver (Tec Diver), you have to just accept the emotional needs that get along with being fully a Tec Diver. This is not a "next rational step" in scuba diving. As a recreational scuba diver, you've plenty of opportunities to investigate your limits and what Master Neptune and Mother Character have to supply you. Still, this information is about dispelling a couple of myths available about becoming a Tec Diver.

Complex Scuba Fishing can be an equipment intensive sport. As a result of everything you are planning and what your desires are, you need to have additional equipment with you. You don't need to head out and invest twenty thousand on new equipment and gear. We shall talk a little later about training programs. AS a PADI Instructor, utilizing the PADI process, you I don't have my pupils buy every thing at once. You need to try several things first, and see what you like before only starting the budget up and spending money (By just how, if you feel that you must do that, please contact me. I will help spent it). Let's discuss how to get involved with Specialized Fishing without breaking start a brand new mortgage.

Many training organizations have an Intro to Specialized Diving type, or an action program in to Complex Diving. PADI (Professional Association of Diving Instructors) shattered their Complex Fishing plan into numerous phases. The very first 3 stages, you feel a specialized diver and certify in the parts before you're able to Trimix or other complex fishing gas mixtures. Their process is broken on to Tec40; Tec45; and Tec50 (Broken into the yards a technical diver is authorized too). For the cornerstone of the discussion, we are going to remain in the Tec40 certification. Purpose being is that Tec40 has a max depth of 130 feet. Appears common doesn't it? Tec40 keeps you within Recreational Diving limits. Our target with Tec40 is to begin understanding how exactly to program, build abilities and increase our base time for exactly the same depth that we should already be certified for.

Which makes Tec40 a perfect place for someone to start in Technical diving. Gear clever, you may be in a position to use the same equipment that you're currently using correct now. Tec40 involves that you've 2 separate breathing sources. This is often accomplished by getting an "H" Device on your current scuba tube (this enables you the ability to shut one source of air down while breathing from another regulator). Or you may hold yet another Deco or Pony bottle. NO, a Spare Air won't benefit this. I would suggest at the very least a 40cuft cylinder as your extra bottle. There is the second breathing source. No requirement for increases correct here. You almost certainly will need to Schallwandler yet another tube and still another regulator set up. Other benefit here, if you select to continue up with Tec Diving, at this point you have gear acquired for potential certifications. You have only spread the cost of equipment out only a little bit.

I actually do wish to warning you here: Make fully sure your BCD is capable of keeping the fat and extra equipment. If your BCD has plastic hooks and clips, it will not last underneath the strain of tec diving. If your BCD is not capable of lifting at the least 40 pounds, then it too will not suffice below tec diving. I have experienced divers decide to try to make a current BCD function but because of the quantity of equipment they've on, their BCD kidney is stuffed to volume and when they go to add more air it just purges out. Not a safe way to be complex diving. If you're in need of picking right up another BCD, you have several different options to appear at. Let's take a look at them:

First alternative, you realize that you will be perhaps not going to continue onto other tec fishing courses. You are only going to get a BCD that will have a way to meet the requirements of Tec40 diving. I'd suggest that you purchase a BCD to meet up one need. I know there are BCD's other that make these statements that you can use them with simple and double tanks. Only a simple attachment and you are able to expand the BCD to Tec diving. I've one BCD for my simple container diving. Sure, it has the capacity to carry additional bottles effortlessly and has the lift demands that I need. I also use if for my recreational diving. For my doubles, I've still another wing and harness for that rig. Number way am I going to try and use one BCD to meet all the requirements of Tec diving and Recreational diving.

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