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Custom Watch Dial L2.755.5.77.7 from Watch manufacturer Montres8

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Best Shop Designer Customized Silver Watch Dial L2.755.5.77.7_M044440 and more Custom Watch Parts from Watch manufacturer

Custom Watch Dial L2.755.5.77.7 Custom Watch Dial




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You may have heard some buzz recently about the trend that’s shifting toward all-cotton garments and heavyweight fabrics. You might have even wondered if it was worth investigating. Well, it is, but let us back up those claims.

First off, for a little clarity, heavyweight cotton fabric isn’t miraculously different from other cotton fabrics or anything odd like that. If you hear a term like “heavy hoodie,” what that signifies is that the hoodie is made from a heavier, thicker fabric. If this is cotton, all the better.

Don’t be thinking that a heavy hoodie will wear like a suit of armor because they won’t. They’re still very light, it’s just that the somewhat heavy-duty fabric from which they are made is thicker and plusher. This allows them to trap heat more efficiently, but it also makes the garment stronger and resistant to wear and stretching. As an added bonus, it will feel softer and more comfortable.

On the note of its trapping heat more efficiently, it’s also important to remember that since cotton is a natural, breathable material, this shouldn’t be a turn-off. Cotton will keep you warm when the temperatures are on the drop, but because it is breathable you will also be comfortable in it in the heat.

When you look at hoodies made by Just Sweatshirts, the value just continues to grow. Just Sweatshirts makes their sweatshirts and other 100% cotton clothing predominantly from heavyweight cotton fabric that we described above, giving it the attributes already examined.

They also use fabric that is ring-spun that prevents problems such as pilling, and they pre-shrink their fabric before they even cut it. That means that their heavyweight cotton clothing isn’t just resistant to stretching and wearing out, but it’s resistant to shrinkage as well, which is a big bonus in cotton clothing.

They’re also committed to using only 100% cotton fabrics, and don’t cut their cloth with synthetic fibers like other manufacturers make a habit of doing. It might be cheaper to use synthetics, but they lack just about every single other benefit we have covered so far here in this article.

Cotton fabric is warmer and softer than synthetic fibers. It is stronger than synthetic fibers, it does not trap odors and it is also hypoallergenic. Plus. cotton is a natural resource that is both biodegradable and renewable. What else could you want other than that?

So, in a nutshell, if you’re looking for a short answer to the question of “is a heavy hoodie really better?” then we can sum it up with a simple “pretty much, yes.” It depends a little bit on where you get yours, but when you shop with Just Sweatshirts that much will be determined for you as well.

All you have to do is visit and pick up the styles that appeal to you. Whether you’re interested in the dignified look of a collegiate cut sweatshirt or the dashing modern edge of a more contemporary style, they have a little bit for everyone.

And, if you still want to learn a little more about what makes 100% cotton better, call them up at 1-866-888-5878.

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