Is it better to choose roller blinds or fabric curtains for home?

There are many kinds of curtains for home use, such as ordinary open curtains, popular roller blinds and so on. The development of different styles brings many different homes for decorative design effects. Next, let's talk about whether the curtains that can be used in the home is good for roller blinds or Chinese fabric curtains. Let us students learn together to understand.

Roller blinds for home use pull bead roller blinds

Beaded curtains can be said to be the most widely used in this style, both in the home and public places,solar blind and the price of this kind of curtains is not high, which is the focus of consumers to buy. Generally speaking, this kind of curtain door is well-designed, fine workmanship, easy to use, low noise, and generally use some fabrics with good ductility and oil resistance.

Household roller shutters spring roller shutters

Spring roller shutters are named for the spring device built into the tube,motorized roller blind also known as semi-automatic curtains. According to the different operating systems, it can be divided into traditional pull-cord spring curtains, pull-ball spring curtains, one-control two-type spring curtains, auxiliary spring curtains and so on. It has the advantages of simple operation, strong impact resistance, uniform action,roller blind and strong self-protection ability.

Household Roller Shutter Motorized Roller Blind

This utility model relates to a tubular motor-driven electric rolling shutter mechanism. Its operation only requires mobile power, simple, quiet and stable. It is an upgrade of manual rolling shutter products. The motor is installed directly in the aluminum alloy coil tube, which not only reduces the volume and force of the curtain box, but also avoids the influence of the outside world on the motor and improves the reliability of the mechanism. The spiral tube is a high-quality aluminum alloy material with high strength and not easy to be deformed. The surface is anodized to prevent aging and corrosion. The mounting bracket is made of high-strength alloy steel with high bending and shear strength to ensure the safety and reliability of the mechanism.

Ordinary curtains are most commonly found in living rooms and bedrooms. Screens and cloth windows are often used together for visual effect and convenience. However, it should be noted that blackout fabric is mostly sewn or pasted with fabric curtains, and is rarely a curtain on its own. Because the blackout fabric itself is relatively light, if you do not pull the curtains will not be convenient, there is no sense of sagging, but also will have an impact on the shading effect. Because multi-layer curtains look stable and dignified. So it is most suitable for living rooms and master bedrooms.


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