some aspirations of the global muslim network are merely non-obligatory; collaborating within the olympics, seeing who can construct the largest masjid, and maintaining big name studded fundraisers. others are essential duties to which we are forever obligated. assuming the islamic moral vital is a responsibility from which muslims cannot escape. in the scheme of the current worldwide civilization, the muslims peoples are obligated to be beacons of morality and steerage for the world. now before some of you chuckle, sigh, or gasp, permit me give an explanation for. allah has unequivocally declared;

"allow there rise up out of you a band of human beings inviting to all that is good, enjoining what's right, and forbidding what is incorrect: they're the ones to achieve felicity. "3: 104

there has to be a least a set of the muslims who're engaged within the practice of enjoining what's right and forbidding what's evil. in any other islamic knowledgecase, all of us are at fault. our internet well worth as a spiritual organization is hooked up in part to our enjoying the best and forbidding the wrong "you are the exceptional country extracted for the human beings; you enjoin precise and forbid evil. " 3: a hundred and ten

as a consequence we can not forget about as muslims there is some duty for us to offer ethical leadership to the arena. as we technique the a hundred 12 months mark of the put up khilafate surroundings, despite the fact that there are over a billion muslims in the global, non secular leadership is at a top class, and while present, is frequently divided in opposition to itself, and systems of islamic checks and balances are conspicuously absent. so the challenge of creating a practical, morally principled and reason driven umma is possibly greater now than at any time all through the 1400 plus years because the epoch of the prophet (saws).

out of doors of the masaajid, muslim faculties a few charities and the institution of hajj, there are hardly ever any religion driven establishments stewarded by way of the muslim community. our feel of spiritual purpose is eroded by means of the din of hyper-reactionary politics, the ever-gift spiritual sectarianism, a deeply rooted cynicism, and lack of confidence in the restorative powers of our religion in movement. in addition, plainly our pursuit of worldly popularity has made a lot of us ingratiating foot stools to the arena and blinded us to what made the muslim peoples top notch in the first region.

in a international of sexual mania, commonplace distraction thru enjoyment and pandemic, narcissistic pushed materialism, the voice of our religion is seldom heard unless it's a call for jihad, an apologetic discourse aimed at spin manage or regurgitation of religious concepts which might be missing in empirical substantiation. if our faith is based totally upon peace then we ought to be the precept authors of it, starting in our own ranks! if we're the champions of justice and goodness, then let us see our own examples of answer based totally justice inside the world. and if islam preaches true manners and civility, let us make our personal worldwide mark upon it.

whenever we point our finger at the sector, there are fingers pointed proper returned at us.
we point to corruption whilst we fail to spot the corruption in our own societies. we point at intolerance and fail to see our personal intra-non secular intolerance. while we point at unbridled materialism, we do not want to appearance very a long way to see it in our very own selves. and when we factor to violence against the innocent; we do not need to appearance very a ways to peer it taking place by using us and in opposition to our own humans.

at the modern global stage which we all share, the muslims aren't those to whom the sector looks to for steering, path or assist. more frequently we are seeking it from others. i refuse to consider that solutions for the world's troubles do now not exist in what become found out to our prophet (saws). indeed the answers are there if we have interaction the whole breadth of what islamic divine texts must provide. we cannot rush to apply shariah laws to prayer, hajj and marriage or even argue approximately it while no longer making use of divine steerage to the manner we control our governments, our societies, or our business and civil codes of ethics.

dichotomizing our religion has led us to a sort of schizophrenic modality while we argue approximately beards and burqas, but have interaction in fratricide. we decry ethnic profiling at the same time as being obsessed on reputation and ethnicity. we assemble masaajid in the united states and speak to them afghani masjids or arab masjids. at the same time as of this writing, requires jihad in opposition to the united states if she assaults iran are emanating from the minbars of the sector but did calls for the cessation of hostilities among iran and iraq have the same resonance for the duration of that horrible war which resulted within the lack of over 1, 000, 000 muslims? the turkish government has these days permitted making military incursions into kurdish managed areas of northern iraq. are there calls towards turkey now not to attack the kurds? are we announcing that non-muslims aren't allowed to violate our sanctity even as we automatically violate it ourselves?

the subjective application of islamic concepts has its result and possibly that would explain why muslim lifestyles, muslim societies and muslim sanctity are undervalued on the world stage. beneath application of islamic standards and the devaluation of muslim honor and status are inextricably linked;

"then is it handiest part of the e book that ye trust in, and do ye reject the relaxation? however what's the praise for those among you who behave like this however disgrace in this existence? - and on the day of judgment they will be consigned to the most grievous penalty. for allah is not unmindful of what ye do. " 2: 85

the truth is that we as muslims by means of and large are an ethical human beings of faith and the inheritors of a outstanding prophetic legacy of faith, justice, goodness, and ethics, we just appear to have lost our moral momentum someplace along the manner. the month of ramadan has reinvigorated our spiritual engines as it is its nature. now that ramadan is over, permit's no longer go again to business as standard; allow us to pass forward to a saintly revolution of sorts. maybe what we want now is a reminder, or possibly a whole religious overhaul. at any price, something has to be finished that directs our attention to our want for reform. no longer of the religion, but of our exercise of it. this, ladies and gents, is the ethical imperative.

asserting morality regaining the ethical imperative isn't a sincerely a count number of espousing the virtues of honesty, integrity, fair play and monotheism. neither is it a depend of political posturing, properly choreographed press meetings or heart wrenching picture-ops. ethical management is a matter of moving the moral and ethical standards of islam from a verbal and textual country to an operative fact. the typical brotherhood of islam have to evolve from being a rosy sounding cliché to a bona-fide and plain reality. the mandate of non-sectarianism, righteousness, fairness, magnanimity ought to be resuscitated to existence from our texts. we are in the end, being examined; not simply personally however as a collective.

it's far entirely imprudent of us to disregard the importance of our status with the very lord whom we worship and revere. every network has its reckoning; and ours is invariably on the horizon.

"those are a people who've passed away. theirs is that which they earned, and yours is that which ye earn. and ye will now not be requested of what they used to do. " 2: 134

the prophetic message has to be liberated from the myopic prism of the few who only see aggression and oppression because the mantra of the islamic hubris. the time has come for muslim peoples to re-arm themselves with the moral vital of righteousness. not self righteousness, because self righteousness frequently results in conceitedness, however righteousness natural and easy which has at its middle, humility and submission to allah's manner and reinstatement of precept in our dealings. there are too many moral troubles on the table for which we offer no solution, no solution and for which we haven't any voice. we should re-apply the standards of ethics, morality, civility and spirituality. the challenge is; first we should apply it to ourselves, our nations, our communities, our masaajid and our very own families.

ultimately we are able to need to deal with the religious sicknesses which decimate our moral fiber. there's no scarcity of troubles upon which the muslim umma can disagree and combat over. however, there are many other issues upon which many, if no longer maximum us locate not unusual floor. most of the muslims agree that morality is higher than immorality. most folks agree that there wishes to be a presumption of protection from each other. and maximum can agree that sectarianism isn't always inside the excellent interest of the muslims. maximum in my humble estimation would agree additionally that corruption and misappropriation of budget must no longer be the norm in muslim international locations. most could additionally agree that greater desires to be executed to deal with, the issues referring to the bad, the weak, the homeless and the destitute amongst us whether they be muslim or non-muslim.

there has to be a fundamental change inside the way we perform. the senseless and counterproductive tradition of religious and ethnic based totally sectarianism desires instant and entire extermination. non secular arrogance and tunnel-imaginative and prescient nationalism has to take a back seat to precept and islamic global ethics. if the muslim peoples ever count on to regain global management it'll best occur if religion, morality and spiritual imaginative and prescient is reinserted in our charter.

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Comment by danish james on July 19, 2021 at 5:56am

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