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Hosting : Basic steps for starters

Posted by danish james on June 4, 2023 at 2:15am 0 Comments

For that reason you are looking to discover approximately hosting and additionally the things the software has to present or possibly you may possibly not be aware of a whole lot approximately hosting? There isn't an feel bad for for not being totally sure this forum. All of us wants to get started in in the beginning certain times. Relating to which usually pay attention to, let's begin the process of advantages of hosting.

Allow me to say, exactly what is hosting and additionally… Continue

三和一善 | Kazuyoshi Sanwa | Work and speak less?

Once we start working in the society, we must reinterpret the definition of "good". In the past, in school, the better you are, the more the teacher treats you as a good student; now in the workplace, no matter how well you are, the supervisor may still have comments, and you still can’t figure out, "I’m so good, why doesn’t the supervisor appreciate me? ?"

I will only follow orders, anyone can replace you
Okay, let me help you answer! Because you are so good, so good that if the robot's technology improves, the boss will be the first to fire you and use robots instead. Of course, I am not trying to teach you to be "bad". If you are a person who always does not follow instructions and always makes trouble, you will definitely be kicked out of the company's door immediately. But if you think that being obedient and being so will lead you sail for ten thousand years in the company, and then promote all the way, you are wrong.


Remember, if your function is only to "do what is ordered, listen more and speak less", the supervisor can replace you with a student at a minimum wage. Most of them want an income and they only need to say something when answering the phone. "Hello. This is XYZ company, can I help you? Okay, I will help you transfer to the department", or follow the instructions on the wall: "Boil black tea with 80 degrees water, turn off the fire immediately after 2 hours; sugar 3 spoons, no more and no less." The difference is that this is a part-time job, not a job.

Calm and capable or creative? What kind of leader do you want to be?
The talent that the supervisor wants is that, in addition to solving routine tasks and achieving KPI, that you can identify and solve problems, and then create 200% performance. Because of the fundamental problem, it is very possible that the supervisor will be handed over by the boss to solve it, but he is actually unable to handle it, so I can say out loud: I have to invite a few more people to speak better. It is called the concerted efforts of the company system. Three average-IQ persons are better than one genius; the ugly thing is that the performance is not good anyway, because the subordinates are not doing things well, and they have to find someone to take care of the alternation. All mistakes are their fault, it is not my leadership.

This is the display of ability. You do your duty and the boss pays. Salary is not owed to each other, but in his eyes, you are a white T-shirt that can be replaced at any time. If you can think creatively, solve problems, and open new games, you will be an indispensable branded coat. Exercise your ability to be dissatisfied with routine tasks. Not only can you surpass your boss, you can even become a boss by yourself.

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