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What the Best construction dumpster rental in Dallas TX Pros Do (and You Should Too)

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Keep Your Dog Safe: Ultimate guide to Foxtails

Watching your dog having a fun playtime outdoors in summer is the most enjoyable feeling, but foxtail grass can hinder this feeling. Foxtail seeds are dangerous for your dog as the piercing seeds of foxtail grass can penetrate your dog’s nose, mouth, ears, and eyes. They can also get attached to your dog’s paws and fur, resulting in seeping inside his body.

The uncertainty of foxtail seeds is complex as they can result in severe infections, swelling, pain, irritation, and other medical problems in your dog. Usually, it is because foxtail grass seeds get embedded into your dog’s body parts and commence to death if not removed from your dog’s body. Foxtail seeds are airy and dry, which can easily migrate to your dog’s internal organs. As they carry a massive amount of dirt and bacteria, they can cause several health issues for your dog. Hence, it is crucial to identify them and remove them from your dog’s body.

Below are Symptoms of Foxtails in Your Dog

Excess swelling in your dog’s feet.
Red and dry eyes, and your dog is constantly touching or rubbing them with his paws.
Your dog is excessively scratching his ear, not staying calm, and shaking his head.
Any unusual discharge from your dog’s nasal passage is also a symptom.
Your dog is repeatedly sneezing, looks irritated and licking in-between his paws.
Formation of lumps or sores under your dog’s skin.

Tips to Prevent Foxtails from Harming Your Dog

There are a few ways you can sidestep foxtails and keep your dog safe. Foxtails are primarily found in hiking trails, meadows, and open dry grassy fields. So, keep your dog away from such areas that consist of foxtail grass.
Commonly, dogs with heavy fur coats are likely to accumulate foxtails on their body. For the summer season, you can give a nice trim to your dog to decrease the possibility of foxtail harming him.
Always brush your dog’s fur if he has been playing in the grass and thoroughly examine your dogs’ eyes, ears, nose, and mouth. Foxtail seeds visible through naked eyes can easily be removed using tweezers.

We hope the above tips and statements have helped create awareness regarding foxtail so that your dog can enjoy the best summertime. We suggest visiting the vet to remove and identify foxtails that are not instantly visible. As the vet experts use an endoscope for the treatment, it is highly effective in eliminating foxtail seeds from your



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