Klang Soundtrack Download Direct Link

Klang Soundtrack Download Direct Link

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The Klang Soundtrack is a collection of 34 original tracks featured in the game. Each track was composed by veteran EDM artist and OverClocked ReMix video game music remixer, bLiNd. (The Klang Soundtrack is also YouTuber/Twitcher friendly.)

Track List (all tracks are presented in MP3 and FLAC format)

01 - Enter Klang (Trailer Theme)
02 - Klang (Title Screen)
03 - Welcome to the Kick (Training Level & Elevator)
04 - Disco Balls (Training Level Bonus)
05 - Bladerunner (Elevator Boss)
06 - Peak Waves (Top of the Tower Theme)
07 - Over the Top (Top of Tower Cutscene)
08 - Rock Bottom (Caves)
09 - Otherworld (Overworld Theme)
10 - Shanty Shuffle (The Pirate Bay)
11 - Shuffle Jumper (Pirate Cove)
12 - Ether Real (Infiltration Theme)
13 - Agent Klang (Factory Bonus)
14 - Bazz (Gladiator Boss)
15 - Angel Tracks (City)
16 - Neoteknika (City Bonus 1)
17 - Overclocked (City Bonus 2)
18 - Death Angel (City Boss)
19 - Sonus (Tower Boss)
20 - The Trickster (Final Boss)
21 - Welcome to the End (End Credits)
22 - Full Circle (Final Ranking)
23 - Neon Punk (Alpha Trailer Theme)
24 - Klang (Main Theme Club Mix)
25 - Rock Bottom (Caves Ambient)
26 - Shanty Shuffle (The Pirate Bay Ambient)
27 - Ether Real (Alternate)
28 - Angel Tracks (City Level Ambient)
29 - Netherworld (Other Dimension Overworld)
30 - Portal Jumper (Other Dimension)
31 - Coolaid (Other Dimension)
32 - Dimension Rift (Other Dimension)
33 - Tune Blades (Bonus Song)
34 - VHS (Other Dimension) 7ad7b8b382

Title: Klang Soundtrack
Genre: Action, Indie
Snow Cannon Games
Release Date: 22 Sep, 2016


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Absolutely amazing soundtrack. IMO best part of the game. Love listening to it while I drive.. Absolutely amazing soundtrack. IMO best part of the game. Love listening to it while I drive.

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