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Know About Magento Website Development Cost And Useful Tips To Reduce The Cost

Certainly, Magento is amongst the popular platforms for e-commerce. It is the preferred platform of countless merchants, small firms, and large corporations across the world.

It is one of the best platforms for creating online stores to attract millions of customers to the store. Magento comes with plenty of amazing plugins that help you execute almost any business idea.

When there are so many pros associated with Magento website development, you would surely want to know about the cost of Magento Website Development, isn’t it? Let us understand the different aspects and expenses that decide the cost of a Magento website. Also, this blog would help you learn the different methods to reduce the costs wherever possible. Before we dive into all these details let us know.

What Are The Benefits of Magento?

Magento offers every element needed for an online website to help businesses sell their products or services.

E-stores built on Magento platforms are highly adaptable to the changes.
Built-in modules & functions offered by Magento help e-commerce stores fairly easy to run and manage for customers and admin
Offers an innovative and interactive product catalog panel wherein the products can be customized.
Offers multicurrency and flawless filtering.

What Are The Features Offered by Magento?

It is an open-source platform that is free to download & install
Offers the facility to install multiple stores through a single panel
Comes with a flawless administration panel
SEO-friendly model
Integrated analytics proficiency
Several add-ons and payment gateways are available
Fast page load time
Excellent security
Huge community with committed users
Offers amazing integrations, admin rights, apps, etc

Additional Features Offered By Magento For Online Stores

Automated maintenance of details of orders, delivers, sales, tax rules, etc
Users & user groups management
Product catalog management
Discount management along with creating discounts for product groups and specific products
Creation of separate text pages
Automated management of best sellers, reviews and statistics of product browsing, best sellers, reviews, search queries, etc.

Interestingly, no special skills are required for maintenance of basic Magento website maintenance for the owners or experts.

Learn About The Cost of Magento Website Development

Well, the developers merge different modules into one module. Magento offers maximum flexibility for B2B and B2C projects with built-in marketing tools, SEO, simple administration.

The two versions of Magento –Community & Enterprise Edition helps build an online store that caters to the needs of small to big organizations.

The cost of Magento website development entirely depends on

The complexity of the project
Number of hours devoted by developers and other tech professions
Your business goals etc

The cost of Magento website development services also differs with the size of the project.

What Are The Elements That Decide The Cost of Magento Web Development?

Creating an e-store using Magento comprises of building personalized modules or simply combining the basic modules. It is also about establishing and testing different image uploads, features, creating product categories, and other vital things to help you get a fully functional website to experience flawless selling.

Also, you need to calculate the cost of an online store based on Magento by assessing the cost of hosting, domain, and buying a server. As an owner of a website based on Magento, you have to think about the extensions. The cost of a set of pre-built modules comes to thousands. You may not find it easy to figure out just one extension. On the other hand, you will find some extensions to be missing. So, these extensions need to be developed right from scratch. Hence, these factors can influence the cost of building modules for Magento.

What Would Be The Cost of Website Development Based on Magento?

A lot of people ask this question. But, it is difficult to answer as the development cost depends on several factors. It depends on the size of your business too. So, you need to determine the complexity of your project. For this, you need to analyze what would be your business expansion plans like whether you need a multilingual Magento e-store in the future, etc.

You can pick from different Magento plans which includes

Community Edition
Enterprise Edition

Now, if you wish to build a Magento e-commerce site, you should select the right plan

Each plan/package offers different features. So, you need to know each of them to select the right one that fits your budget and matches your Magento store needs. So, let us learn about each of them :


It is a perfect package for simple e-stores. It comprises basic features and functionalities. So, small firms can leverage this plan to run and manage their store seamlessly.

With the basic Magento package, you will get the features as mentioned below-

Basic website functionality
Get access to a huge Magento community
Standard themes & designs
No Integration with back-end system
Basic and scalable CMS

Community Edition

This package is ideal for firms already having an online store and wish to order migration services from a different e-commerce platform to a new Magento store. In such cases, you may opt to go with custom website development using Magento Community.

This package offers all the basic features as in the basic plan along with additional features that helps your business grow. Here are some of the other benefits offered :

Integration available with back-office systems
Custom Magento e-store store design
User groups
Extensions, plugins & modules
Custom product attributes
Hosting migrations

Enterprise Edition

It is an ideal package for large enterprise-level companies to eliminate all hassles. This version comes with all the features you need to set up an online store for a huge organization.

The best thing about this package is that most of the functions are automated for the seamless functioning of your store. The feature-stack available with this version are :

Flexible version for online stores
Multiple stores
Several built-in modules
Free website hosting on the Magento server
Free customer support & segmentation
Full-page caching
Discount and discount system
Free Professional Customer Support
Social media integration
A wide range of SKU’s
Targeted promotions and merchandising
Integration with shipping providers
Custom Coupons

After selecting the right version, if you want to be part of the Magento community and avail the many benefits of CMS, you need to know about the added costs in advance before you plan magento eCommerce website development.

1. Server

You can either choose to buy a server and place it in your office. Or you can buy a hosting service. The latter is a more flexible option as you will have the required space if you wish to expand your business in the future.

2. Domain

Do not overlook the cost of purchasing a domain while building a Magento online store.

3. Theme

Magento theme store comes with a vast collection of free themes that cater to the needs of most sites. You can also go for a paid theme or go for custom theme development. Certainly the latter turns out to be quite expensive though flexible.

4. AddOns

You can choose to go with free or paid extensions. Some businesses prefer custom add-ons development. So, if you prefer custom add-ons do calculate the costs before development begins.

5. Development

One of the important stages is where you considerable amount out of your budget is spent. Here you need to consider the cost incurred towards the team working on your project from development to launch.

Different Stages involved in your Magento e-commerce website development

Let us have a look at the different development stages that your Magento online store development goes through. It will help you focus on calculating the overall costs for your project.

Determine business goals
Modules and plugins
Custom module development
Theme configuration
Custom site layout
Custom Magento theme
Final settings & site launch

Wrap up!

Now, to sail through a flawless development process to build a Magento store, you need to hire an expert website design and development company so that they help you analyse your goals and offer the right solution that helps you build and run a successful e-commerce store. Make sure your Magento e-commerce website development company has a team of talented developers to help you build a fully functional Magento store. If you are looking for a reliable solution, get in touch with WebFox, a reputable Magento website development company that delivers impeccable e-commerce stores for small to big businesses.

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