Learn How to Upload Font to Cricut [ALL Devices]

Using various fonts to write some messages makes the project look more attractive. Though, it’s very important to be aware of the process of how to upload font to Cricut. With the help of an intelligent cutting machine, a crafter can create different kinds of projects in different shapes and sizes using various materials.

One of the things that are necessarily required by crafters while designing their projects is fonts. If you think that using fonts can be tricky, you are mistaken. It is effortless work that can take place after following all the steps. If you want to make your project worthy, get clear steps for each device you may use.

How to Upload Design Space Font on Windows?
Design Space is a design app that allows users to draw their ideas on the Canvas. To make the best project, they can also use a library containing hundreds of images, fonts, and projects. Follow the steps to learn about the process by which you can upload Design Space fonts on Windows software:

First, open the web browser and download the font file of your choice.
Second, go to the Downloads folder and compress the .zip file.
Third, right-click on the .zip file and click on the Extract option to extract the files.
Now, you’ve to right-click on the file and tick on the Install option.
Finally, your font will start getting added to the program.
If you prefer to create the design on Mac rather than Windows, then the process of installing the font is quite different. The process by which you can add the program font on Mac can be read in the following section.

How to Upload Cricut Font on Mac?
Here is some information that will help you in learning about the process by which you can add the font on Mac:

To start the font download process, open Safari and download the font of your choice.
Double-click on the zipped file to unzip it, and the file will get downloaded to the Finder folder.
Open the folder and select the Install box to commence the font installation process.
Once the process gets complete, you’ll be able to use the fonts while creating something new on the program.
Besides uploading the Cricut font on your respective PC, you are given a choice to upload your font on your smartphone.

How to Upload Cricut Fonts on Android?
If you prefer creating using this designing software on your Android, then the fonts can easily get added to your device by reading the following steps:

In the first stage of the process, install the font manager app.
Download the font file of your choice and open the Downloads app.
At the app, look for the downloaded file, and if the file is compressed into a .zip file, extract it.
Go back to the app and open the My Font folder and take a look at the font.
Tap on the Set option to start the installation process.
Once the process comes to an end, the downloaded font will be added to the program.

How to Upload Cricut Fonts on iOS?
In case you are using iOS software and are concerned about uploading font on the designing app, then read the steps shared below:

Go to the web browser and download the font manager app of your choice (For example iFont).
After downloading the file, you need to unzip the file (if required).
Open the iFont and go to Font Finder.
Click on the Open Files option and select the font file you want to install.
Once the file will get selected, choose the Installer box.
You need to press on the Install box visible next to the font.
Press Continue and then Allow box.
Now, close the app and open the Settings of your device.
At the settings, choose Profile Downloaded and tick on the Install box.
You’ll see a warning message like the ‘profile not signed.’
After seeing the message, click on the Install button.
Don’t close the installing window; otherwise, the downloading will get canceled.
Followed by the completion of the process, the notification about Profile Installed will be shared.
At last, press on the Done box, and the font will be available on the app.
Accompanied by adding the font on the app, you must be aware of how to use it perfectly to make it useful during the designing process.

How to Use Font on Cricut Design Space?
Before using the font while designing any kind of project at the cutting machine app, you need to install them in your systems. There are basic steps via which you can install the fonts of your choice into the app:

For Mac/Windows
To start the process, open the app/software on your system.
On the left side of the screen, select the New Project button.
Once the project file opens, choose the Text icon.
The Text Edit Bar will get open. You can either choose the text or select the font.
Under the font drop-box menu, select the System option.
Inside the font list, choose the font of your choice.
In case you’ve already added some text, then you’ll notice that it will automatically get changed into the font type you’ve selected.
For iOS/Android
Tap on the Text option displayed at the bottom of the screen.
At the Insert font file, select the System box.
Under its list, tap on the font of your choice and start typing your text.
You’ll notice the text being texted into the font of your choice.
See! It was that simple to use the fonts while creating any design on the program canvas. It can be expected that you’ll utilize the font in a good manner.

It can be expected that this article might have helped you a lot in sharing how easy it is to upload the font to Cricut for all the creators. It does not have the capability to design but also to write and customize the drawing as per personal choice. Additionally, using different kinds of fonts helps the user pen down their inner feelings into words and also makes this program valuable.

Frequently Asked Questions
Question: Why are my downloaded fonts not visible in the Design Space?
Answer: Do ensure that you’ve changed the font filter from Cricut fonts to All fonts or System fonts. Now, search for your font inside the Font drop-box. You’ll find your font if it is added to the list.

Question: Which is the common Cricut font used by crafters?
Answer: The majority of crafters use Cricut Sans as it’s a default font that pop-up when you start creating a new project. Other than that, it is easily understandable and super versatile and the best choice to make beginners learn about fonts.

Question: Which is the best font used during the printing project?
Answer: In most of the printing projects, use fonts such as Times New Roman, Garamond, and Courier. However, if you want to use fonts for t-shirts, then go for Montserrat, Graduate, Shrikhand, Special Elite, and many more.

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