Learn How to Use Cricut Infusible Ink Pens on Blanks!

Creating DIYs is fun. With Cricut, individuals and professionals can create projects that leave a long-lasting impression. Moreover, when Cricut Infusible Ink Pens are used in crafting, crafters will end up with extraordinary projects that include t-shirts, bodysuits, coasters, and much more. Are you curious about starting DIY projects with these pens? This guide will teach everything about infusible ink pens in detail.

Let’s get started!

What is Cricut Infusible Ink Pens?

These pens include special ink that works well in chemical sublimation. When the solid ink in the pen is heated, it gets turned into a gas (without entering into a liquid phase). These pens are available in 2 color segments: traditional and neon brights. The traditional segment includes red, green, purple, black, and brown, whereas neon brights have blue, yellow, pink, orange, and other colors.

How to Use Cricut Infusible Ink Pens to Do Projects?
Making shirts, coasters, and bags in the comfort of your home is fun and a great way to show your creativity. Below we will discuss effortless yet practical steps to go with these pens smoothly.

Things You’ll Require
Cricut smart cutting machine itself.
EasyPress mat and a LightGrip Machine mat.
Either of the machines among Easy Press, EasyPress 2, or EasyPress 3.
Cricut blanks.
Infusible Ink Pens
Butcher paper, HR Tape, and Laser copy paper.
Materials, Cardstock.
Lint roller, tweezers, and scissors for cutting and shaping.
Design Space software on your device with constant connectivity.
The last one is Cricut Heat Guide or Cricut Heat app for machines, EasyPress 3).
First Process: Drawing
First, bring a laser copy paper sheet onto LighGrip Machine.
Load the sheet into the machine.
Move to the Design Space and select the design as per blank.
Choose the size and design that fits the blank perfectly.
Once you set Linetype to Draw, assign a pen ensuring to Mirror your design.

In the following steps, choose “Browse” all materials” and then Copy Paper.
In the case of Explore Air 2 or older cutting machine, tap Smart Set to Custom.
Now, insert Cricut infusible ink pen into Clamp A and click the Go button.
Unload the mat once you find that your design is complete.
Finally, remove the design from the mat.
You can color the design using Cricut infusible Ink Pens.
Note: When you proceed towards handling infusible ink materials, keep your hands dry and free of any types of grease.
Second Process: Application
On Cricut EasyPress Mat’s top, keep the blank you have.
Place the cardstock sheet inside the blank to protect your mat and project.
To lint-roll the whole surface, make use of a fresh adhesive. Remember not to skip this step, as debris or fibers can prevent you from getting a perfectly finished project.
Now, use Butcher Paper to cover the blanks.
It is suggested to preheat the application area to remove moisture and wrinkles.
The next step is to remove butcher paper and let the apparel cool thoroughly.
Now, place the cut design face down on the blank so that the side with the drawing is against the blank.
Use Heat Resistant Tape to stick the design’s corner. It will help keep the design from shifting.
Next, place butcher paper on the design’s top. Set a specified time and temperature settings depending on your project.
Once you hear the beep sound, lift the press while ensuring not to shift the stack.
Let your project cool in the last steps, and remove the butcher paper, tape, and design.
Mistakes to Avoid While Using Cricut Infusible Ink Pens
Before starting projects, here are a few things you should be careful about to avoid mistakes.

The natural colors of pens are not the actual color; thus, look at the packaging to find the Real Color it will turn up to.
When going with your project, use all the cardstock and butcher paper. It is suggested not to reuse the butcher paper.
Never forget to mirror.
The .4mm tip ink pens are vital elements of Cricut Crafting. These can be used to create projects that look extraordinarily done. After all, the ink becomes a part of the material, whereas vinyl lays on the top. If crafting is in your head, get started with unique sets of infusible pens. You will end with nothing but professional sets of projects.

Frequently Asked Questions
How Are Infusible Pens Different from Markers?
Both of these serve the same purpose. The difference you will find between these two is the nob size. Pens have a tip of .4mm and can write and draw thin lines. Markers, on the other hand, include a tip 1mm thick and create thick lines.

What Heating Tool Can I Consider for Infusible Ink?
For infusible ink projects, Cricut EasyPress 2 is the best one. Since it heats up to 400 degrees, it can suffice for most applications. You can also find the original Easy Press worthwhile. With a temperature of 350 degrees, it works for some applications.

Name a Few Base Materials That Work with the Pens
Some of the base materials that go perfectly with the pens are:

T-shirts and shirts.
Both round and square coasters.
Tote bags, etc.

Visit Site – cricut.com/setup
Cricut setup
cricut.com setup mac
cricut design space setup

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