How much is a locksmith call out fee UK?
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Mostly, local locksmiths do not charge a call out fee.

Long Answer: Locksmiths do not tend to charge a call out fee because their hourly /job rate covers call outs on local jobs.
This means they will not charge a call out fee, regardless of time of day, or day of the year. Christmas day and other bank holidays expect the hourly / job rate to increase considerably.

Some companies do not charge a call out fee in normal working hours, but will do out of hours. Working hours are usually 9am to 5pm.

A small percentage of locksmiths do charge a call out fee. Beware the ‘from’ £49 type of locksmith.

Proceed with caution with these type of charges. They may be acceptable for your type of emergency during normal working hours. But, if these companies charge a call out fee, then after midnight that call out fee is going to be a lot more.

Our recommendation is to get 3 different quotes. You can then discover who is going to charge you a call out fee. If you are willing to pay a call out fee, ask them what they are going charge extra per hour labour after the call out fee.

Locksmith FAQs number 1.

How much does a local locksmith cost?
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Expect to pay around £65 – £95 during normal working hours.

Long answer: This a question that has been researched quite substantially by using different methods by a number of different organisations.

Locksmith costs are prone to differences in locality (you are likely to pay more in London and expect to pay less in Windermere than the national average), time of quote for the job, the time that the work is likely to be carried out and individual pricing of the locksmith you are calling.

The locksmith industry is not regulated, locksmiths can start in the industry without any training or former knowledge. This means that every individual charges what they believe is a fair and competitive hourly or job rate for a certain type of job.

Some companies charge up to £150 a hour at certain times of the day and at weekends, some more than that.
If you are finding it difficult to get a straight answer as to how much it is going to cost, then the engineer is going to charge you what they think they can get away with when they have completed the job.
Try to nail them down to at least a ballpark figure before you accept.

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number 2.
What is the cheapest way to change locks?
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The cheapest way to change a lock is to do it yourself. If you have the knowledge, time and equipment required.

Long Answer: It is always cheaper to get something done by using your own effort and time to change a lock.

Changing your own lock does come with several pitfalls.

Do you have the practical skills, the patience, the right tools and the time to change a lock yourself?
Some people do not even own a screwdriver and have no intention of even wanting one. They are happy to let a professional do the required job. This way they can guarantee that the job is done correctly, the finished article will be fully guaranteed if it does go wrong, they can call the same person back to put in right again.

“Cheapest is not always the best”.

You can go and buy a new lock from a retail store for yourself and believe that it will last for 20 years. It may, but if you have purchased the wrong size lock, or the wrong lock competely, then your time has just doubled. You may even have brought a lock that looked nice on the shelf but the type of door or window that lock is intended for is not what you have.

Professional advice is free.

Another bad scenario is if you buy a lock from a faulty batch then you have to return that lock to the store to get a replacement. In the process you would be leaving your premises open whilst you are obtaining a replacement part.

Locksmith FAQs number 3.

How do you unlock a door without a key?
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Locks can be picked or bypassed without a key using specialist equipment or tools.

Long Answer: Locksport is a popular past time in the UK and around the world. Some people enjoy picking locks as a hobby. There are social media groups formed for like minded people, to celebrate their accomplishments.

Many people are aware of the names of YouTube sites like the ‘Locking Picking Lawyer’ and ‘Bosnian Bill’. There are many videos and memes on social media making it look like locks are so easily picked and bypassed that you would be more than likely to try it for yourself.

Locksmiths have spent their career learning how to defeat locks in real world sittuations. They have close ties with lock manufacturers.

All locksmiths who have been in the profession for a number of years have attended a call out where the client has seen a YouTube video on how to open a door without a key and had twice the amount of work trying to manipulate the locks to open them.
This only increases the cost for the client who thought they would save a few pounds by having a go themselves. Often destroying things that would have remained intact had they called a locksmith prior to going onto YouTube.

Locks can be opened without a key but they do not need to be destroyed, broken or end up with bits of twig snapped off in them rendering them useless. Whilst attempting DIY you may be doing more harm than good.

Locksmith FAQs number 4.

How long does it take for a locksmith to change a lock?
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Changing a lock is mostly a quick job to perform, expect 5 -30 minutes for most UK locks.

Long Answer: There is always confusion amongst clients when it comes to changing locks.

If the lock change is going to be a like for like lock swap then the average is never much than 30 minutes, but it can take less than 5 minutes.

Many people ask this question as they have busy lives or really do not want to take an afternoon off from work to sit waiting for someone to arrive to change a lock, without knowing how long the job will take.

When people think they are getting a lock changed some think it is a major job like having a new boiler swapped in.

More often than not it is only the part of the lock that the key fits into that needs to be changed. Most modern locks have many parts, they are part of a set of entities that come together to make a whole locking system.

Changing a cylinder is not the same thing as changing the door mechanism or swapping out the handles for a new set for example.
The rule to go by here is, if it needs a new key then it should be relatively quick, if the lock has issues then it is going to need diagnosing and may take a lot longer to find the fault.

The door may not be sitting correctly in the aperture, you may have external issues that are causing the locking system to malfunction. The glazing may need to be removed etc.

Call a few numbers and they can discuss the problem with you. Decide which is best suited for your needs and budget.

Locksmith FAQs number 5.

How much does it cost to change a door lock?
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Most local locksmiths will charge £65 – £135 for a basic lock change.

Long Answer: You can get cheap locks from most retail outlets. Locksmiths are no exception to this rule. They are subject to the same market pressures as any other small business. They can buy cheap Chinese copy locks for a few pounds and mark the price up to any level they decide to make a tidy profit from them.

There are plastic locks installed in some UK homes and property holders are unaware until you point it out to them.

Most lock installers will offer you a full 12 month guarantee on locks that you purchase from them. With a full guarantee you can be sure that they do not want to return to you and replace faulty parts. It is also an indication that they have fitted locks of the same make and brand to numerous other properties and the product is suitable for long term use.

Lock prices will vary. Many people have Chubb / Union branded locks on their property that have served their purpose for more than 25 years and are still functioning the same way as they did when new.
The price of a lock change is often related to the RRP from manufacturers.

If your quote for a lock change is considerably higher than you expected it could be down to the fact that it is a high end product.

Many people are security conscious, they realise that a lock is the only thing stopping them from losing everything to a burglar when they are out.
Better security locks will cost more. If you are thinking of upgrading whilst lock changing, get a few quotes for the type of lock you require.

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Locksmith FAQs number 6.

Locksmith Frequently Asked Questions / Locksmith FAQs
Our Locksmith FAQs will evolve as different questions are asked we will try to keep this post up to date. If you need any assistance do not hestitate to call us or email us and include any locksmith FAQs you think need including.

We do not charge you for asking a question and we will always try and answer your consumer concerns as soon as we see them.

Locksmith FAQs

Our in working hours rate is £65 (no call out fee), call us and arrange an appointment.

Please note if you require new parts extra charges will apply to final cost.

If you find our locksmith FAQs worth a mention please feel free to share it or link to it. Thank you.

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