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What to do if you find yourself locked out. The 5 stages of deciding to employ a locksmith. A bit tongue in cheek in places.

1. Are you sure you are not just in a bit of a panic. Doors do slam in the wind, also we think we have put our keys somewhere but may have done something different that day and popped them down somewhere else. Take a minute to calm yourself from the situation. It may help.

Make a few calls, to people who may be able to help you. Your child might be in school, your Mum may still have her key. Your partner will have theirs.

If you rent your place, try getting hold of your landlord or letting agent. They will usually have a key for the property. Although do not rely on them during the weekend or holiday periods.

2. Make sure you are really locked out. Sometimes we forget that we have more than one door or we have left a window open that you know you can squeeze through. Going through windows is not the best choice, but some people are more athletic than others and do not mind that they may end up head first in the downstairs loo. As a locksmith when we go to a lock out we always assess other means of entry and a good few times I have tried a back / patio door and lo and behold it was not locked. Much to the chagrin of the customer who has waited in the cold for 30 minutes.

3. Become a locksmith yourself for 10 minutes. See if you can improvise a tool to make magic and open a door. Some people know their own lock weaknesses. We have all seen the movies where the hero opens locks with credit cards and hair pins. This is not recommended, but has been known to work for some people. The reason it is not recommended is the fact you might be doing more harm than good. Snap your credit card and you won't be pleased. Sticking foreign objects into a lock and they snap, then you will find yourself in more trouble.

4. Break things, I have included this one as many people decide that it is easier to break things than get a locksmith. I have been to call outs near me where people have broken windows, only to find out the lock is defective anyway and needed a locksmith to look at it. One person a few years ago decided to call me out. I told him I was busy but guaranteed I could be there in under a hour as it was an emergency. By the time I got there he had a couple of ridge tiles off the roof (it was a bungalow) he told me he would get in that way, so my services were no longer required. He intended getting in via the roof. I drove away and still to this day wonder why anyone would go to that much trouble.

5. Once you have gone through the above 4 steps, all are a matter of choice to a certain extent, then call a locksmith near me. It may be cheaper than you think.

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Comment by Pip Lockout on January 2, 2022 at 4:44pm


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