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A realistic adult doll will solve the problem of sexual hunger

Posted by angeldolljp on September 26, 2022 at 4:44am 0 Comments

ラテックス人形は、抗菌性石鹸を使い、軽くスポンジでよく洗ってください。 専門家によると、人形の皮膚を守るために、あまり力を入れすぎるのもよくないそうです。 明るい色のウィッグキャップを選ぶと効果的です。 小学生ラブドールのお顔は、ぬるま湯に浸したタオルで拭いて、使用したメイクを落とすことをお勧めします。 布かペーパータオルで顔を乾かす。 ワイルドシャンプーでしっかり洗髪できます。 使い終わったら、自然乾燥させる。 ドライヤーをかけると髪が傷むことがありますので、ご注意ください。



Look over these 5 top lubricants made of water.

There are many reasons that people choose water-based lubricants to oil-based. This blog post will discuss some of the main reasons water-based lubricants have a higher demand than oil-based lubricants. The first reason has to be the fact that a lot of individuals have a personal preference for oil-based lubricants. People might be concerned that oil-based lubricants can cause staining on clothes, making it hard to remove them. They also do not want to apply anything that has been made from hydrocarbons onto their skin.


Condoms made of latex should not be used in conjunction with oil-based oils because they will break down faster and cause condom failure. The risk of transmission due to broken condoms is high and should therefore be avoided at all times by using water-based lube instead of oil/silicone/hydrocarbon-based lube. Certain people might prefer oil-based oillube since it can be used with condoms as well as latex toys. However, the skin isn't capable of absorbing oil-based lubricant.

A brand new plant cellulose base was created recently and is getting ready to be sold and is definitely worth looking into! Silicone lubes, on the contrary, are composed from various materials. They typically have a silicone or Dimethicone base. They don't require reapplying due to the fact that the skin, similar to water-based lubricants, doesn't absorb them! They are safe to use for as long as they are needed. The downside to this material, though, is that you have to make sure to use a condom for any kind of toy (or part of your body) that comes in contact with silicone lube or you risk damaging your toys. To find more details please visit

The third one is KY Lubricants: KY has been in existence for over 30 years, and is one of the leading brands of quality oils. They are dedicated to supplying products that keep you comfortable all day long. They are experts on delivering quality feminine personal care products.

This means you can have more fun without worrying of breaking your condom or irritating your skin with an allergic reaction. Masturbation is also much easier when you use oil-based fluids. They have a smoother surface, which makes it easier to touch. When it comes to water-based lubricants, you will discover that they don't run as easily as those based on oil. They are a great option for sexual moments since they last longer and offer greater excitement.


Water-based lubricants aren't very long-lasting, which means it will be hard to clean up if they get spilled on your couch or on the floor. This is why it's important for you to properly store them to ensure their quality. The water-based oils can cause skin irritation or trigger an allergic reaction, therefore it is advised to stick to the ones designed specifically for personal use. Avoid using them because they may dry your skin, causing irritation. This could cause the experience to be less enjoyable for you as it could be hard to have fun with sex or foreplay when your skin is swollen or easily irritation through friction.

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