Looking to sell your home but not sure what it's worth? Get a free property valuation from the experts today!

Do you want to sell your home but don’t know what it’s worth? There are many ways of finding out the value of your property, with the most accurate way being an independent valuation by property experts. This free service will take the stress and hassle out of selling your home and give you the reassurance you need that you’re getting a fair price for it.

Why get a property valuation?

The value of any Auckland property valuations is constantly changing. With so many factors that influence its value, it's hard for anyone to know for sure. But there are some professionals who can give you an accurate estimate of what your house is worth, and they don't cost anything. Property appraisers are in the business of estimating properties' market value. They take into account such factors as location, square footage, amenities, and more to determine how much a certain property would be worth on the open market if sold today. Knowing this information is vital when making decisions about selling or refinancing your home because you'll have a better understanding of how far out of reach you might be able to afford with or without assistance like an FHA loan or VA loan.

How to get a free property valuation

Have you ever wanted to know what your home might be worth in today's market? If so, you're in luck. Today, there are many ways to get an accurate estimate on how much your property is worth. A couple of these ways include 1) Looking at recent sale prices for comparable properties nearby 2) Checking out recent data from real estate websites or auction houses 3) Using online tools like Zillow or Trulia 4) Asking friends and family who have sold homes recently 5) Hiring an appraiser or realtor with experience valuing homes 6) Having someone give you their honest opinion about what they think your home would sell for in today's market

2 sentences that summarize why this post was created: These are just a few suggestions, but they should help you narrow down which method will work best for you. Whether you decide to go with one of these methods, or come up with your own, don't forget to have fun while doing it!

What factors affect property value?

The price of a house is largely determined by the local housing market and other factors, such as what type of house you have. That being said, there are some things that can affect the value of your house.

- Location: The location of where your house is, in relation to other houses, schools, and jobs, will play a big role in determining how much you can sell it for.

- Size: How many rooms and bedrooms does your house have? What are the square footage measurements like? Houses with more bedrooms tend to be more expensive than ones with just one or two bedrooms.

- Age: Is your home fairly new (20 years old) or fairly old (over 100 years old)? Newer homes generally cost more than older homes.

How often should I get my property valued?

There are many reasons you might be thinking about selling your house. Maybe you want to take advantage of an upswing in the housing market, or maybe you're looking for more space and think your kids would thrive in a new environment. Whatever your reasoning, one of the first questions you need to ask yourself is how often should I get what's my property value? If you're considering listing soon, then contacting a real estate agent for an opinion on how much your home is worth is probably enough, but if you're looking at a longer timeline then getting an independent assessment at least every 2-3 years will give you peace of mind and help reassure potential buyers that they're making an informed decision.


If you're looking to sell your home, don't take chances with an online estimate. Instead, let our expert appraisers provide you with a detailed review of the current value of your property and what you can expect when you go to sell. Plus, we'll be able to tell you how much equity there is in your home so that you can make informed decisions about how much money you should put into improvements or renovations before listing. You may be surprised by just how high of an offer our appraisers are able to get for your house. Don't wait any longer - contact us today for a free appraisal and find out just how valuable that investment could be! We guarantee the best results with competitive rates and prompt service; call now for a consultation!

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