This time, I'll explain it at the second gate. I am not going to make an effort to cross over to the other side. I just want to hold my ground and finish him off until he has no health left. The numbers 15 13, 33 are my specification.

To provide some additional context, the eye height of this raid is 14.90. You are aware, I'm sure, that it's a bit excessive. I am able to wear bracelets. This belongs to me.

Yes, five times, and three times more than that. I have seventh-grade jam. Although it is very similar to what you have, it is not the same as what you have. In other words, this portion of card 39 will be kept. Yes, but there are some classes that do more, despite the fact that some people claim that anyone is capable of doing Pluco. You should know that Pluco can be played in a more comfortable manner; however, in any event, what is required is that you need to practice the tricks that you attract. There will be a practice mode, and you will need to spend a significant amount of time in it. This is because, as a new player, even the normal difficulty setting of this raid will be challenging for you, because, well, because you need to get used to the way that experienced players kill enemies. When you meet him in this manner, you should definitely throw him off balance.

Following the stagger, he will show you the yellow line, and in order to enter the professional killing, you are required to use the yellow line. OK, you're right about that guy, and so I'll just go in like this. You get it by rubbing your body against the line, which causes it. You have a chance to walk away with everything once the bar closes. If  Lost Ark gold leave, he will have made a mistake.

Thank  to the other side. It starts raining and the sun comes up at the perfect moment. Every time he gets up or draws his weapon, he makes an effort to catch you in this manner. Indeed, this is a very deadly mode of operation.

The term for this setting is garbage mode. It will do significant harm to your eyes if you have them. Yes, a significant amount of damage. This type of capture is comparable to the ghost capture that occurred in Bolton Gate 2.

Therefore, in the event that you are taken captive by it... er, I mean, in order for you to obtain crabs. Even if you are a tough person, there is nothing to worry about. One of the white gags is presented here. Toss bombs, such as those that put people to sleep or that freeze the target. You should stay away from it now that it's in a good state.

It is now in PVP mode because what you can do is now knock it down like this, and the reason for this is that you now have this ability. Okay, but when exactly will this take place? I would guess that it's around 120. Yes. Oh, you're using this as the standard. The first is to steer clear of it.

Good. To put it simply, he is evolving. This time he won't get it. Yes, so you must die. Therefore, you need to exercise increased caution. I can't believe it, man.

So, it looks like he's going to get it. Oh, that's just a teeny tiny portion. I was dangerously close to taking another combo punch. To put it simply, he froze me. There is no space bar on my keyboard. Because of that, someone hit me. Let's take some medicine together because I'm moving much too slowly.

Okay, that's pizza. That's pizza. Okay, is dead. I have no idea what transpired, but unfortunately has passed away. It is up to me to handle everything on my own.

Guys, all seven of you are looking in my direction right now. I am currently in the limelight. That's right, and that's precisely why I want to kill this guy myself, along with the other guy over there. I agree, this is a good point. Dodge Ocean, Dodge Dodge, and so on. This is a laser, all right. Thank you very much, I really enjoy this Dodge. Oh well, I'd like for all of the Divas to look at my debugging stack.

It's stagger. If you are unsuccessful, he will tend to his own wounds. To put it simply, he sidestepped the majority of my concerns. The space bar led me to something that proved to be fatal, and as a result, I was able to finish off this opponent on my own, and now I don't even bother with anything else. OK, let me tell Lost Ark gold shop (Get Code) what just took place, so there is no one there, and there are thugs on the other side. Because there is no one outside and all seven people have been killed, the monster has been piling up on the other side. When it gets to one, I'm going to die as soon as it hits that point. This is what ended up taking place.

Unfortunately, this does seem to be a bit of a setback. Well, let's go rap again. This is not a welcoming environment. okMy skills are foreign. When he is accidentally hit, this is the perfect opportunity to use Azina or your firearm. When you press the space bar, he will vanish.

OK, I guess this is it. OK, regardless of what happens, yes or no, he will have a seizure. It is guaranteed each and every time that you make use of the star or wake up. Indeed, he will take a very lethal hold of it. It is clear that his armor has been damaged recently or that he is currently in PVP mode. It is high time for him to give up. This is due to the fact that I am standing too close to him. Oh, you're right; it's unfriendly once more.

OK, it is dangerous. Okay, let's move on to the space bar. He will freeze. OK, OK, we'll admit defeat: only one of the swords was caught. It's a good time to pull over.

Because I am traveling at such a high speed, I only stop once. Because I have piled too much, it is a good idea for us to take some medicine. They can be found in the rear. It's always helpful to approach a problem from a different angle.

You will be able to see the portal here whenever they become stumbling, but I will not leave because I will only take all of this for you. I suggest you go out. It's just a strange coincidence, that's all. A counter is currently very intelligent. That comes far too soon. You have now evolved into such a person.

Yes, in the event that you become frozen, I have a star, which might be the best option. Permit me to wait until it becomes untenable with the assistance of the opposing party. I guess that settles it; I'll use my second-to-last start. Excellent, excellent, and just right! No, it won't be coming back because I use Diario Spaceport to get rid of things.

Because it is hard to tell the time, it is difficult to avoid doing it. This is a good thing. It looks good. It is not good.  It is not good.  In any case, a heartfelt thank you for tuning in and keeping Giga's conversation going.

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