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Basic Islamic studies for kids (Muslim characters course)

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Basic Islamic studies for kids (Muslim characters course)

Different Fields of Islamic Studies aiming to build Muslim Character

This program provides selections of more than eight subjects that aim to give a general Islamic glance for students in an easy and exciting way. Students will study the meaning of some verses, stories of the prophetic biography, some Fiqh issues, sayings of Prophet…



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Getting enough sleep is important for everyone. The bedroom is an important room for relaxation and private activities. However, sometimes the bedroom may not be the room that is as functional as you think. due to various factors that may cause insomnia, such as sunlight that penetrates from outside The temperature in the room is too high. Or the atmosphere in the bedroom is not conducive to relaxation, the color of the curtains can help change the atmosphere in the room incredibly.

LUXE DÉCOR would like to answer the question: “What color bedroom curtains are good?” so that you can choose a bedroom curtain color suitable for relaxation. Fertilize sleep on a tiring day

How does the “color” of the curtains affect relaxation?

Many of you may have heard of color psychology. due to different colors Will affect human emotions if the color of the curtains(ผ้าม่าน) in the bedroom is a color that stimulates emotions, such as excitation. or irritability, etc., may affect sleep or relaxation.

Each of you may already have their own favorite color curtains . The choice of color that you like may be the first factor in decorating the room. However, choosing the right color for your bedroom's atmosphere can help you sleep better.

What color curtains will be interesting and that go well with the bedroom? let's see

orange curtains

Orange is a color that many You might think of it as a hot color, but orange can actually stimulate energy and feel fresh and warm. When using orange curtains to decorate bedrooms, residents will feel refreshed when they wake up in the morning. The most important thing is that orange will stimulate brain activity as well.

brown curtains

Brown can give a feeling of maturity, warmth, and not irritating the eyes, making it more comfortable to sleep. But for teenagers who do not like this tone, they may turn to light browns or pastel earth tones to make them look quite young.

green curtains

Green represents nature, peace and safety. which will make you feel brighter and if installing curtains in combination with wooden furniture It will make the room look more airy.

Blue or blue curtains

Cool tones like blue and blue represent peace. It is considered the best color for sleeping. This is because our eyes have special sensory receptors called Retinal Ganglion Cells, nerve cells in our eyes. that responds well to blue special blue It's no wonder blue or blue curtains(ผ้าม่าน) are soothing. sleep well and longer than other color tones

cream curtains

For anyone who likes to decorate the room with soft tones and emphasizes cuteness , cream colored curtains in the bedroom will definitely answer your needs. You can also use different undertone colors. To decorate the room as well, such as yellow to add warmth or white to create a sense of balance. Relaxing is good too.

This is the curtain color that various curtain shops often recommend, which can answer questions. “What color bedroom curtains are good?” However, LUXE DÉCOR does not have this advice. Because the type of fabric, such as light blocking fabrics, is another important factor that helps you sleep as well.

Blackout curtains (ผ้าม่านกันแสง)  help you sleep.

when there is a beautiful curtain(ผ้าม่าน) Helped adjust the atmosphere of the room. You should also use a light-proof area. There are two types of blackout curtains(ผ้าม่าน).

BLACKOUT (Blackout fabric) - 100% protection against sunlight and outside light, suitable for rooms that are exposed to the sun all day or for those who want to relax during the day.

DIMOUT (DIMOUT) – able to block 40% – 95% of light depending on the color of the fabric. Which has more patterns on the curtains (ผ้าม่านกันแสง) to choose from. It invites you to look more pleasing to the eye while protecting the light as well. For those who want to have some light into the room, DIMOUT fabric can be a good answer.

Ideas to decorate the room to sleep comfortably

In addition to the color of the curtains and the appropriate fabric more room decoration It can help create a good sleep environment as well. for example

Install a bedside lamp.

Bedside lamps are not only convenient to use. If you choose the color Warm Light or Orange, it can help you feel sleepy faster as well.

The scent of the scented candle is soothing.

That smell is another good thing to relax. especially the scent of candles Therefore, it is recommended to make a small scented candle corner. spot before bed It also enhances the beauty of the room as well.

When you know what color bedroom curtains are good to help you relax. If you want to change curtains or install new curtains, you can consult the curtain shop LUXE DÉCOR that offers all types of leading decorative curtains. have a team of experts The quality is guaranteed for sure.


LUXE DÉCOR is a leading integrated curtain service provider.

We provide decorative curtains of all types and styles. by a professional team

With a full 1 year after-sales warranty.

For more information or a consultation from our team of curtain specialists, please visit

LINE Official: @LUXEDECOR or

Tel. : 081-556-9566

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