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Venous Procedure Devices Market Share, Overview, Competitive Analysis and Forecast 2031

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The Venous Procedure Devices Market in 2023 is US$ 1.85 billion, and is expected to reach US$ 3 billion by 2031 at a CAGR of 6.20%.

FutureWise Research published a report that analyzes Venous Procedure Devices Market trends to predict the market's growth. The report begins with a description of the business environment and explains the commercial summary of the chain… Continue

Laboratory Information Systems (LIS) Market Analysis, Size, Share, and Forecast 2031

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The Laboratory Information Systems (LIS) Market in 2023 is US$ 2.19 billion, and is expected to reach US$ 4.85 billion by 2031 at a CAGR of 10.42%.

FutureWise Research published a report that analyzes Laboratory Information Systems (LIS) Market trends to predict the market's growth. The report begins with a description of the business environment and… Continue

Mainland students are mostly trapped in the“Mainland student community,” which is a problem.

It's time to choose a school again. Let me talk about my personal opinion.

First, Poly itself is a technical school. I think it was about 79 (I don't remember) before I went to college. My position in Hong Kong was to supply workers to Hong Kong. In contrast, Featured alumni Hong Kong HKU, especially HKUST, pays more attention to scientific research. Of course, the overall atmosphere of Hong Kong is strong. The proportion of unemployed graduates in Hong Kong University is about 15%, that in HKUST University is 20%, and that in Hong Kong Polytechnic University is 10%. This is unimaginable for the top universities in the mainland, and most of them took postgraduate entrance examinations in the Qing Dynasty. Therefore, universities in Hong Kong will pay more attention to vocational services and let students practice, because the idea is to find jobs after graduation. Therefore, as such a technical school, there is no research-oriented discipline. PolyU doesn't have a real mathematics department. The American Medical Association prefers applied statistics and Kunfen College. Of course, it is an investment science based on statistical probability, because there is no mathematics department to teach real variables. PolyU also has no economics, so its entire financial system is basically absent. Science and engineering students don't study macro, micro, micro, advanced and measurement (investment seems to have measurement equivalent). This means that the diversity of theoretical disciplines is relatively weak. Let's talk about professionalism first. Business: My business is more certain than other majors. Multi-service families are divided into AF MM LGT. If you have seen the configuration of Fudan or Shangcai in China, you will find this configuration very strange.

MM (management and marketing) is the normal configuration, poly MM should be as good as management marketing, no comment here.

LGT (supply chain management and logistics companies, etc.) graduated from the docks, the salary issue seems good, the nature of technical school education.

A number of so-called ACEs are divided into accounting (ACCT), accounting and finance (AF) and financial services (FS). Complaining about accounting and financial professions here, personally, is to make fun of mixing ACCT and FS as a new profession. ACCT in f minor is actually no different from AF category. As a technical school, Poly is said to be very good at accounting, but finance really teaches water. I am studying finance at a mainland university in Zhihu. The contrast almost made people burst into tears.

Of course, an undergraduate business degree is useless. The accountant is the trump card of polyu. The reason is that polyu has ties to the Big Four (the project managers and the Big Four partners know each other) . Many people go back for internships in the spring of their third year of university, and polyu's internship program is a graduation requirement, so many people have some work experience before graduation, this is why many surveys show that employers prefer polyu graduates.

Tip: Work directly after graduation: This is great if you want to study accounting. In any case, the four majors (it is not too difficult for mainland students to enter the four majors). But if you want to enter Ib, it is even more difficult to do business. Only a few people go to the bank every year. The Financial Secretary sells insurance (legend). Because PolyU is the first three ethnic groups in Hong Kong to be suppressed. Ib doesn't want you at all. Bank of China Hong Kong will do. Birch can hardly get in. HSBC? Ha ha. Many local students are part-time freshmen, and they have no advantage over mainland students when looking for jobs other than Mandarin. They also have local resources. )

Postgraduate Admission Test: it is not difficult to enter the top three. If you are admitted to the United States, it is said that ACCT can get into a better specialized school (the name of which has never been heard before) . Finance? Ha Ha. A master's degree in finance is notoriously difficult to obtain. For years, there was virtually no ivy in the entire AF, and even the Top 20 Ivy League was rare. Of course, financial experts from MIT were also interviewed. In fact, two years of accounting, a move to a bank or another graduate school, or an MBA, is one way. However, those years were difficult because the average salary of an accountant was about the same as that of a dishwasher in a hung hom braised fish shop (1.1) , maybe a little higher, but not too high for an audit. About four consulting firms offer starting salaries of more than $20,000.

To tell the truth, Poly's business school opportunities are really limited, whether it is alumni information resources, internships or social exchange schools.

Di Yuan (School of Architecture and environment) : (civil engineering, construction equipment, surveying and mapping, etc.) it's actually very good. Besides ben, earthworks ranks 10th in the world in US News. Construction works are under way in Hong Kong. Over dinner with the president (Ah, our lovely Don) , he said that the exit of the red tunnel would be filled in and the polyu campus would be built. As a result, Hong Kong is likely to have a market for Diyuan graduates in the next decade. One of my civilized friends said that I highly recommend the civilized people, they are their professional top students, the atmosphere is“Very good.”.

There will be IC training in civil engineering (this will be discussed later), and when to mix cement and learn what is another matter (unclear).

Wine Manager: (after complaining about business school decided to say a few hahaha) absolutely recommended! !! Poly Property has his own hotel. Everybody knows that. It is said that if HTM graduates win first place, they can go straight to Cornell University (Legend) .

Of course, I think this major should be based on personal interests. Well, if you manage a tour, you can do it yourself.

Engineering school: Comp (computer) made a good impression on me. While it's hard to compare the intensity of the mainland issue, there is a club that can guide our students in the direction of entrepreneurship, application (practical application) , and research with their own mentors. Scores are said to be low, which can put pressure on college students to take Postgraduate Admission Test.

EIE (Electronic and Information Engineering) and EE are popular in the Mainland and are said to be good. I was said to be weak, but a former senior went to Union Bank (well, engineering was easier). Other minor majors don't understand.

Polyu has an IC (industrial center) , so all engineering students go to IC for Practical Training, the Hong Kong Institution of Engineers. As a businessman, I am very envious, but I also hear many engineering students complain. But every day is better than business.

Hong Kong's own industry is not very good, there are many overseas countries, and there are also good opportunities for personal exchanges.

According to a working dog, this device is not as good as Tsinghua... .

Convent: Er ... before I saw it ... It seems that China Clothing Product Design (ITC) belongs to the Academy of Fine Arts. It is said to be very good, and it is highly recommended because of interest.

College: it is said to be a good translator. Not bad. Personal interest is good.

Medical College: Mainland students can only go to ophthalmology and optometry (OS). Like nursing, it is a major with a starting salary of more than 2.5w, and it is also a trump card of PolyU. Depends on your interest. ...

School of Design: Famous University of Technology. Depending on your interests, if you really want to learn design, then design is actually pretty good (except for architectural design) .

I usually play truant. In fact, we also mentioned China many times when answering the quality management questions of local students. This is indeed a problem, especially in some Hong Kong, where local trainees are trained, and employment and associations are valued more than GPA, resulting in no academic culture in overall enterprise work. It is not excluded that there are great gods in some areas, but the overall level of our country is better than the learning level of 985 students in Shangbei. Many times, I feel that I have learned nothing. Poly lasts 13 weeks a semester, usually with 10 to 11 classes, which is much less than that of Mainland China Renmin University.

Why do some things in college work? Ping said he hoped to learn something“More useful than practical”

In fact, I don't think it is practical, even accounting is more practical.

After school life is very rich, the geographical location is also good. But there are really not many clubs, many of which are quite low. Look at how many clubs there are in universities in Taiwan Province, how colorful (OK, there is harmony here) ; even in mainland China, there are many university clubs. Mainland students are mostly trapped in the“Mainland student community,” which is a problem.

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