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Today's project is another walking stick for this is from the woods glad you can make it i hope you enjoy this let's get started so with a bit of research on the internet came up with what i thought was basic dimensions for a half decent walking stick a little bit more of a proper look for a walking stick and now we'll work on the handle location so what i did on my walking stick was i made a little recess to accept the paracord handle and i'm going to do the same for mrs from the woods it's just a little bit too big a little bit uncomfortable to hold it feels a little bit big in the hand so we'll recess the wood to accept the paracord all right well we've uh recessed the handle for the paracord on the walking cane if you don't want to do this part of the project you can just apply the paracord right to the walking stick without recessing it in the paracord gets really tight and i don't think it would slip.

So we're on to the next step we're going to do a final sand and we're going to bevel the top corner or the top of the stick just to give it a little bit of panache and then we'll start finishing it we've got the staff finished sanded so the last step is to cut a 10 degree bevel on the top of the staff just to give it a little bit more of a finished look and then we'll stain it the stain we'll be using today is a beauty tone water-based 100 acrylic stain we use this on our deck and some other projects around the property and i used it on my walking stick but you really don't have to do anything to it at all if you like the clear look or you can stain it whatever color you like whatever you prefer but we're going to stain it up quickly and put some clear coat on it afterwards we use an exterior water-based finish for the walking sticks just to give it a little bit more durability outside do so the walking cane for women has uh four coats of finish on it i used a water-based polyurethane a satin finish dries really quick so i put three coats on and then i burned in mrs from the woods initials into the handle.

Then i gave it a final coat to seal it in and now we're ready to put the grip on with the paracord and mrs from the woods has opted for black so that's the next step to finish off the walking stick okay well we're ready to uh put the grip on to the walking stick and um there are lots and lots of s on on how to uh do a decorative weave or um all kinds of different ways to decorate your handle but for today we're just going to do two simple knots one being the clove hitch and one being the half hitch and we're going to be using 5 32nd thickness paracord in black to do this so we'll start with a clove hitch and then we'll finish off with a whole bunch of half hitches which will give us the spiral effect on our grip okay well we're going to start with a little bit of an extra piece here before we put our clove hitch on but the clove hitch is essentially you go over and bring it to the right side of this piece and you loop it over and under and then this slides under here and then you tighten it up we're going to take a little bit longer and then we'll leave a little bit running this way but that's essentially a clove hitch we push it as far as we can down and we cinch it up and then this will be our tag that we're going to get covered that will get covered with the half hitches all right.

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