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Upgrade Your Personal Style With The Sliding French Doors Interior Designers Adore

Posted by Maxima Grisel on May 26, 2022 at 5:13pm 0 Comments

If you consider closet doors can be taken for granted, then think therefore. Picking out the sort of closet door can make or break the overall scheme of your living space. Even after fitting into the whole scheme, a closet door must capacity to perform its primary function to satisfaction - which opening up on the right manner to help you access in the closet.

Check the wooden door slide for any signs of defect or broken issues. Inspect the parts of the door such…


Manoj Bhavsar – Rescuing The Lives of Ahmedabad Citizens For More Than 15 Years

The Country Witnesses a large number of kite flyers every year on the occasion of Makar Sankranti. Smiles and the feeling of joy surrounds their faces when they grab each other’s kites. While the country celebrates kites there’s one man with the name of Manoj Bhavsar who for 15 years have relentlessly worked to save its citizens and birds.

Here’s how One Man Makes Ahmedabad Kite Festival Safe

Manoj Bhavsar

Source – Instagram

Kite flying is no less than an event in the county. From kids to aged personnel everybody loves flying kites.

But things can go really adverse when these strings from the kites go through your skin. One such thing happened with Manoj Bhavsar.

It was a cold morning in December 2006. Ahmedabad resident Manoj Bhavsar, an air-conditioner specialist, was on his two-wheeler in his office when a kite broke down. He just walked out, almost cutting his neck.

Although he wasn’t injured, just the thought of it made Bhavsar stunned.

“It was not a big deal, but I was scared. I kept thinking – what if he cuts my throat? ” Said Manoj in an interview.

The Incident that Triggered Manoj Bhavsar

Manoj Bhavsar observed a surprising tendency toward accidents during the Ahmedabad kite festival. This is how he decided to help.

In December 2008, with the start of the International Kite Festival, Uttarayan, Ahmedabad sky was once again filled with brightly colored kites. Unfortunately, it was too late for alarming statistics; 40% of the accidents that occurred during this time are said to have been caused by kite ropes.

Preeti Ben Shah was the victim of one such accident and lost his life on the spot. Manoj lost his temper when he read the news. He wanted to do something to ensure the safety of people who do not want to use safety cords in their cars.

The Solution

It was then that he considered installing safety nets over bridges to protect passengers on the road from kite ropes. “Usually, cut kites have long silage attached to them and take a long time to reach the ground. With security nets on the bridges, the downpour kite cables are closed in the midway, ”explained Manoj in an interview.

The copper cord will cut through any kite cord it comes in contact with, thus keeping passengers safe. At first, people manoj bhavsar made fun of him for putting the phone on his bicycle while driving. But all Manoj bhavsar wanted was bhavsar safety. Still, his work was hard. There was almost no official support. Instead, he needed constant encouragement to allow him to continue his work. Although he enjoyed making the same copper cords for free, even for a few people who understood the importance of his precautionary measure.

Makar Sankranti

Source – Instagram

It was not long enough that he built a thorough defense device using a copper wire, which would have saved the driver and passenger’s lives.

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